Who are we?

Lagos Garden Center (LGC) is an online marketplace store focused on providing gardeners around the Lagos Metropolis and all of Nigeria with the essential products needed to encourage beautiful and healthy growth of plants.

At LGC, we are determined to give our trusted vendors, dedicated buyers, and new visitors the top-quality service that they deserve, along with content that inspires, educates, and enhances the gardening experience.

Mission – What We Are Here For

LGC was created with one mission in mind: to be the one-stop-shop for every gardening essential, and a learning hub for gardening enthusiasts in Lagos and all of Nigeria.
We achieve this by providing a platform where users can search, connect, and buy agricultural products from vendors in any part of the country, while learning from each other and sharing their growing successes along the way.
Visit our blog for inspirational and educational resources to help guide you on your own gardening journey!

Vision – Why We Do What We Do

Here at LGC, we prioritize the protection and preservation of our environment. We strive to build a community of gardeners who are passionate about restoring and preserving the natural greenery and lushness of Nigeria.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

– Greek Proverb

Our Story So Far 

Our story began when our founders saw a gap in the market. They discovered that many Lagos residents were trying to grow gardens, but they did not have convenient access to stores that sold the gardening products they needed. As a result, LGC was launched in 2017 as an online store to facilitate these market needs.
Today, LGC has since evolved into a marketplace where local vendors and buyers can directly connect to make the shopping experience even more convenient, with access to an even greater variety of agricultural supplies. We continue to feature top-quality products for our buyers, along with educational content to inspire growers on their gardening journeys.

Where to go from Here? 

Browse through the new LGC Marketplace (you may just find something you need)!
Check out our blog articles that teach the most effective ways to grow and tend to your garden. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are ready to connect with you!

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