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Plant Rooting Hormone

Plant hormones are chemical substances synthesized by a plant to signal and control cellular processes. These hormones are used to initiate or stop the growth of leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers. Each hormone having specific functions at specific concentrations. There are five groups of plant hormones namely: Auxins: they signal cell growth and elongation in […]

How To Manage Common Garden Hazards

Gardens are beautiful, serene places, designed to make you feel safe. To keep gardens this way, it is important to know the possible hazards you can come across and how to prevent them. These hazards are usually from chemicals, animals, garden tools, personal habits and plants themselves. Below are 9 common hazards and how to […]

A Little Extra To Improve Your Soil

Herbs planted in eggshells

When you set out to plant your garden, you must have tilled your ground, added compost or fertilizer, watered the soil, chosen appropriate growth containers, prepared the seeds for germination, sourced for irrigation options and other necessary things to make your plants grow. However, nothing lasts forever. You might find out that you need a […]

Artificial lightning for indoor plants

It’s easy to think that plants grown indoors can do without light. This is largely untrue as every plant needs light to photosynthesise. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants use light (photon) as well as carbon dioxide and water to produce (synthesise) their own food. So for your plants to grow, produce leaves, […]

Plant life cycle and its photoperiod requirements

The Plant life cycle begins with a seed. A seed is a very important plant structure because within it lies continuity. The seed grows into an immature plant called a seedling, which grows further into a mature plant that can produce seeds for the next generation. The seeds are borne by many plants within the […]

Care and safety tips for gardeners

Often times in gardening, the simple things are overlooked. These little things could provide safety for your body and contribute to your entire wellbeing. The following 6 tips would come in handy in keeping you clean and safe: 1 Wear appropriate shoes: Go for comfortable, knee length boots. This protects you from sharp objects in […]