Coco Peat - Washed & Buffered 5Kg Blocks

Coco Peat - Washed & Buffered 5Kg Blocks

Coco peat is a multi-purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. It is an ideal growing medium for plants due to its high water holding capacity, acceptable EC & pH, porosity, and good drainage/ aeration.

Our coco peat, which comes in a 5kg block, is washed and buffered.

It is 100% organic and free from pest, weeds or diseases.

One 5kg block of cocopeat fills about 13 seedling trays of 104 cells (4cm x 4cm plug).

Description and uses
Soak in water for some hours and mix with sand, compost, and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil.
It can be re-used up to three times with little loss of yield. However, cocopeat from diseased plants should not be re-used.

Animal Bedding: It can also used as a bedding in litter boxes, animal farms, and pet houses to absorb animal waste.

Cocopeat is used as a soil conditioner.
It is useful to deter snails from delicate plantings, and as a growing medium in intensive glasshouse (greenhouse) horticulture.

Also used as a substrate to grow mushrooms.
They can hold large quantities of water, just like a sponge. This will help to considerably maintain soil moisture level.

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