Gardening eBooks by Onyinye Onwubiko

Home Gardening Secrets eBook

Price: N2500

This is an easy to read guide book on the major tips and tricks of urban gardening especially in containers and little spaces.

Seed Starting Secrets eBook

Price: N2500

A guidebook for experienced and beginning gardeners on the tips and tricks about starting new plants from seed. As a bonus feature tips on making new plants from existing plants by stem, roots, leaf, bulb and other means of propagation.

Composting Secrets eBook

Price: N2500

A step by step guide on how to make compost at home especially for container gardeners. Bonus feature is tips on feeding your plants for free from around the house.

Pest Control Secrets eBook

Price: N2500

Pests can be challenging but with the right tips and tricks, it becomes a walk in the garden.

Gardening eBook Bundle (4 ebooks)

Price: N7500

eBook Bundle including Home Gardening Secrets, Seed Starting Secrets, Composting Secrets & Pest Control Secrets.

Harvest beyond Food eBook

Price: N7500

Learn how to heal without the use of drugs and surgeries with garden therapy. This is gardening at its best and reaping much more than food.

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