Grow with us! Sunflowers in Pots – Part 1

1 Pick a medium sized pot (approx 9-12 inch diameter) with a adequate drainage holes.

2 Get some good quality potting mix e.g. all purpose peat free compost.

3 Gently fill in your pot with the potting mix. Break up any clumps of the mix as you go.

4Leave about one and a half to 2 inches at the top of the pot.

5Ensure you purchase good quality seeds. e.g Johnsons Teddy Bear Sunflower

6Make a hole in the middle of the soil. Use the second knuckle on your finger as a depth guide.

7Pick two seeds from the seed packet. Then

8Place the seeds in the hole and cover them lighlty with the potting mix.

9Gently water the newly planted seed to begin its life cycle.

Next Steps…

  1. Place the pot in a sunny location where it will get at least 6 hours of full sun.
  2. Keep the soil moist by gently watering frequently. The potting mix should not dry out or the seeds may not germinate.
  3. Wait for Germination!

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