Serbajadi Perlite 3L/100g

Serbajadi Perlite 3L/100g - LGC

Serbajadi Perlite 3L/100g

How To Use

  • Soil amendment: Can be mixed into soil to improve drainage and aeration. It is often used in potting mixes and containers to help prevent soil compaction.
  • Seed starting: Can be mixed with seed-starting mix to create a lightweight, well-draining growing medium for starting seeds.
  • Hydroponics: Can be used as a growing medium in hydroponic systems, where it helps to support the roots of plants while also allowing for proper drainage and aeration.
  • Top dressing: Can be used as a top dressing for potted plants to help keep the soil surface loose and well-draining.

Note: To use Serbajadi perlite, simply mix it into soil or another growing medium as desired. It is important to wear a dust mask when handling perlite, as the fine particles can be irritating to the respiratory system

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