1.0 Introduction

While the online-connection services between Seller and Buyer offered by LGC Limited is on a strict non-refundable basis, a Buyer may be able to request a return and a partial or full refund in certain instances. Where a Buyer is dissatisfied with the goods or products (collectively, “Products”) being supplied, he shall submit, within seven (7) days from the day of his receipt of the Product(s), a request for a return of such products and a refund, and he shall provide relevant and factual details as they occurred to [email protected]ng.

LGC Limited shall contact the Seller and communicate to the Seller the claim(s) and request(s) of the Buyer as detailed to us. An opportunity shall be afforded the Seller to state the Seller’s version of events as they occurred. LGC Limited having heard from both sides shall objectively consider the claims presented by both parties and shall decide on whether to approve or refuse a full or partial refund to the Buyer. All claims shall be treated on an independent case-by case basis. 

2.0 Non-Refundable Items

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the following items shall be non-refundable:

  • E-books which have been downloaded by the Buyer.
  • Seeds

3.0 Conditions For Refund

The conditions for refund may include the following:


Interest charges shall not accrue in computing any given refund. Any refund to be requested by a Buyer must be capped strictly at the cost of the goods agreed and paid by the Buyer to the Seller.


The Buyer must ensure that the seal of the products have not been tampered with or broken and that the products are returned in the same condition they were in at the time of delivery.


The Buyer must also ensure that the products are not damaged or tampered with in anyway.


The Seller shall at all times be solely responsible and liable for the cost of the return and refund of any purchased product (and the service charge paid to LGC Limited). The Seller shall remit the cost of the refund of any purchased product to LGC Limited. LGC Limited shall thereafter remit the cost of the refund of any purchased product to the Buyer


LGC Limited reserves the right to conduct a fair and objective review of the facts forming the basis of a Buyer’s claim. The Seller and Buyer agree that LGC Limited’s decision shall be final and binding on all parties.


Where a Seller objects to the payment of a refund on the basis that he is not equipped with the adequate financial resources to fund the refund, his account held with LGC Limited shall fall into debit and shall remain so until he is able to service the debt. The Seller agrees that the amount in question may be charged against any monies earned and accruing to the Seller in our financial records or custody. In any event, where the Seller is indebted to LGC Limited, LGC Limited reserves the right to seek or exercise any legal remedy in recovering the debts owed to it.


Where LGC Limited decides that a refund is not possible, the option to exchange the product free of any associated charges may be presented to the Buyer at LGC Limited’s sole discretion.

4.0 Payment And Approval

Upon the approval of a refund and the Seller’s actual retrieval of the product , the Seller shall within forty-eight (48) hours transfer the agreed refund to LGC Limited, where LGC had already remitted the Buyer’s payment to the Seller. The Buyer’s billing method shall then be credited within five (5) – ten(10) business days, less any fees or charges. Where payment falls on a weekend or public holiday, the Buyer’s billing method shall be credited on the next business/working day. 

However, where the Buyer’s payment has been received by LGC Limited but is yet to be remitted to the Seller, LGC Limited reserves the right to make the refund to the Buyer within five (5) – ten (10) business days, less any fees or charges. LGC Limited also reserves the right to apply any future monies received in favour of the Seller towards offsetting the Seller’s outstanding debt in relation to any refund. For the avoidance of doubt, all refunds shall be subject to the Seller’s actual retrieval of the product from the Buyer.

Last Updated November 2021

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