Our corn did better this year than ever before. We mixed with urea and delivered using a seed planter machine. Our corn was the only one with such green lush leaves whereas everyone around us all had yellow-leafed corn. Will buy again.

Farmer in Lagos, Nigeria

What is it?

Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to soil life, continually growing out from the roots of a treated plant into the soil, finding new sources of nutrients and water. This huge secondary root system increases the nutrient flow to the plant over its entire lifetime, resulting in ‘stronger healthier plants.’ Planting with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is the best planting practice, improving establishment, natural vigour and ultimately flowering and fruiting.

How does it work?

Rootgrow contains a blend of UK origin and UK grown mycorrhizal fungi. Once these fungi come into contact with the plant roots they attach themselves and grow out into the soil looking for nutrients and water to feed their new host plant. This isn’t one side relationship as in return the plant gives the fungi carbon and sugars that they cannot process from the soil.

Rootgrow is completely natural and environmental friendly. The relationship between plants and mycorrhizal fungi has existed in nature for hundreds of milions of years.

Growing Maize with Rootgrow

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Rootgrow Information Sheet

Rootgrow Professional Information Sheet

Inoculating mature or existing plants 

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