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  • Karasu Diamond Cut Round Pot Top No 3


    UV Resistant. Break Resistant. Hot and Cold Resistant. Lightweight Indoor or outdoor Plant pot. Product Capacity: 3 ltrs 18x16cm

  • Snip It Tool


    A mini secateur with smooth pinching action to deadhead your plants and for cutting herbs.

    Includes a protective cap.

    Multi-use: Deadheading, Light Pruning, Cutting Herbs, Crafts, Sewing.

  • Nitrile Multipurpose Gloves


    These heavy duty gardening gloves made by Jardineer are made from stretch nylon fabric with a nitrile coating to pretence your hands from small cuts, abrasions and splinters.

    These gloves are breathable, comfortable to use and are not only great in the garden but work just as well for cleaning, fishing, or any other hands on job.

    Available in Sizes: S, M, L

    Small – 8.1 cm palm width & 6.6 cm middle finger length
    Medium – 9.1 cm palm width & 7.1 cm middle finger length
    Large – 10 cm palm width & 7.4 cm middle finger length

    Colours: Pale Blue, Yellow & Green