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    Houseplant Myst provides complete care for houseplants. It is a nutrient solution, growth enhancer and pest repellent.
    It contains mineral and organic nutrients, marine plant extracts, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure plant oils.
    Houseplant Myst is suitable for all common houseplants such as anthuriums, calantheas, dracaenas, ficus, bonsai, palms, poinsettias, cacti, succulents and bromeliads.
    Available in 300 ml

  • Organic Slug & Snail Repellant


    Natural, organic wool pellets for the deterrent of slugs and snails.

    Watch this video to learn more about Slug Gone Wool pellets.

    Slug Gone is the natural, organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants. Popular amongst environmentally-conscious and organic gardeners, Slug Gone is 100% natural and derived from British wool.

    Slug Gone is applied to the soil below the plant to create a irritating, absorbant mat that works as a natural slug repellant. It prevents slugs and snails from reaching the plant, whilst adding nutrients to the soil and locking in moisture.

    Slug Gone:

    Biodegradable, contains naturally occurring slow release nutrients to help feed plants

    Its minute fibres form a mat which is an irritant to slugs and absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot

    Improves water retention.

    Containing naturally occurring nutrients, Slug Gone consists of a biodegradable protein fibre which releases nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements essential for plant growth.

    To deter slugs, snails and other gastropods, simply lay the pellets around the stems of plants.
    For best results, add Slug Gone in a 10cm radius around the plant, then add water to cause the fibres to bond.

    The swollen wool pellets form a felt which makes it difficult for slugs to travel across. The wool pellet mat also contains abrasive particles which irritate the slug’s foot, physically deterring the slug and creating a 100% natural barrier.

    For best results, apply Slug Gone as a 10cm band around the plant and ensure there are no gaps.  To prevent slugs reaching the plants ensure no leaves or stems overhang the pot’s perimeter, stand next to containers which do not have Slug Gone protection, or place next to walls where slugs can drop onto the plant.

    Safe to use around children and pets, Slug Gone can also be used to protect against cabbage root fly.

    Naturally deters gastropods such as slugs and snails

    Creates a self-felting mulch

    Helps prevent weeds

    Soaks up and holds water; great to combine with soils and composts

    Biodegrades in 6 to 14 months whilst delivering organic nutrients

    Contributes as a water retainer and soil improver

    A natural mulch and soil conditioner

    Protects and enriches soil

    Perfect for flower beds, container pots and hanging baskets

  • Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps 20 Pack

    • Non-toxic, harmless, no residue, high temperature resistance and waterproof, more environmentally friendly and more economical.
    • Bright yellow is attractive to most insects.
    • The UV-resistant adhesive does not dry. It can be used in any crop of any season and has a strong self-adhesiveness.
    • For best performance, we recommend an using density of 1 pcs/200 square feet or 200pcs/1 acre.