Plant Food & Fertilizers

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  • Growing Success Fungus Stop 800ml


    This pesticide-free formula is perfect for use on all ornamentals, roses, fruit and vegetable indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Used for the control of leaf spot, powdery mildew, scab, rust, potato blight, and blackspot. This ready to use spray can be used all year round and is bee and ladybird friendly. 800ml

  • Vitax Citrus Summer Feed


    High nitrogen content to support growth and improve fruiting Discourages premature ripening, fruit drop and leaf discolouration

  • Vitax Rose Feed


    Based on a traditional formula, Organic Rose Food contains the three major plants foods – nitrogen, phosphate and potash. Mixed together with natural magnesium to achieve healthy green leaves and abundant blooms.

  • Vitax Houseplant Feed 300ml


    Vitax House Plant Food, a liquid formula with added seaweed. This bottle contains 300ml of concentrated formula and is perfect for use in and around the home. 300ml

  • Biohybrid Oragnic Fertiliser


    Foliar Spray Fertigation, Plants Booster, Amino Acids, Soil Treatment

  • Super Gro Organic Fertiliser 1 Litre


    A natural liquid fertilizer that was developed to ensure the enhancement of crops and improve agricultural productivity. 1 Litre

  • Growmoor Farmyard Manure


    Designed to improve the garden by adding much needed nutrients   Ideal for mulching and soil conditioning. 50 Litres

  • Miracle Gro Performance All Purpose Concentrate


    Made purely from plants, this mighty feed will give you visibly healthier plants in 7 days.

  • Miracle Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food


    Visible result in 7 days and pet and children friendly. Helps grow your plants bigger, more attractive and healthier compared to unfed plants. Has a quick effect as it feeds instantly after application. Works best for flowers, veggies, trees, shrubs, roses and houseplants.

  • Miracle Gro Pour and Feed


    Grows plants twice as big, The superfood for your plants

  • Triobaja Hydroponic fertilizer


    Instruction: – Use both solutions when seeds have germinated and when two leaves are visible.
    – It is necessary to use both solution A and solution B together.
    – 2nd week after sowing, mix in 50ml of solution A and 50ml of solution B for every 20 Litre hydroponic tank.
    – 3rd week and beyond after sowing, mix in 100ml of solution A and 100ml of solution B for every 20 Litre hydroponic tank to get 1 EC. 250ml each

  • Mr Garnick Melon Fertiliser 400g


    For Melon, Fruits Vegetables & Flower Vegetables. Major ingredients : Plant residue meal, animal meal, fully-fermented compost, organic rock mineral , humic & fulvic acid, Good microbes attractant. If white mold is found on fertilizer, please note that it is a type of activated beneficial microbe and is safe to use. Usage instruction : Mix with soil before planting or use as fertilizer throughout planting process.

  • Baja Serbajadi Bonsai Plant Food


    Baja Serbajadi Slow Release Bonsai Fertiliser 29 is specially developed for all species of cultivated bonsai. This special formulation limits the vegetative development of branches of bonsai plants but at the same time, improves roots development, which is often particularly reduces due to repeated purning.

  • AG Garden Fertirich


    Ferti Rich – A Control Release Fertilizer One time 90-100 days for garden use! Improve soil quality, increase nutrients uptake! Ferti Rich is a slow release fertilizer for flowers, crops and fruit trees. Proven results to perform better and save more cost compared to traditional fertilizers. Application: Flowers and crops : 20gm-40gm per plant. Fruit Trees : 30gm-50gm per plant. Apply once in 90 days.

  • Cactus & Succulent Flower Booster 500ml


    Serbajadi Cactus & Succulent Flower Booster spray is a specially formulated liquid fertiliser that helps to promote the growth and flowering of cacti and succulent plants. It contains a blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, which are essential for healthy plant growth and development.

    Serbajadi Cactus & Succulent Flower Booster help to promote healthy plant growth and development, it also helps to encourage the production of more flowers and colourful blooms.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Contains a blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which are necessary for healthy plant growth and development.
    • Shake well and spray directly onto the soil or plant leaves for easy application.
    • Suitable for use on a wide range of cacti and succulent plants
    • Helps to promote healthy plant growth and development
    • Safe and effective use on cacti and succulent plants.
  • Serbajadi Flower Booster 500ml


    Serbajadi Flower Booster spray is a specially formulated liquid solution designed to promote the growth and development of flowers. It is made from a blend of natural ingredients including amino acids, enzymes, and micronutrients that are essential for optimal flower growth. This powerful spray can be applied directly to the leaves and stems.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Apply directly to the leaves and stems of flowers.
    • Shake well before use and apply a fine mist to the desired areas.
    • Helps to promote healthy flower growth and development. Increase in flower size, improved flower production, and overall healthier plants.
    • Suitable for a variety of flower plants
    • Made from natural ingredients and is safe for use on all plants
    • Regular use of this spray will help to improve the overall health and vitality of your plants, with long-lasting effects.