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  • Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster


    The Seed Booster is an organic blend designed to promote vigorous growth from the very start.

    For potted plants

    Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster is suitable for use on a wide range of plant species, including vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit trees. It is specifically designed to improve seed germination rates and promote healthy seedling growth. The nutrients in this booster, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, as well as Magnesium, and Iron, are essential for proper plant development and can help improve the overall health and growth of the plants.
    Whether you are starting seeds indoors or directly in the garden, Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster can help give your plants a strong start and provide the nutrients they need to thrive.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Contains a rich blend of nutrients – Promotes vigorous growth from the beginning
    • A balanced blend of nutrients, natural growth stimulants, and humic acids
    • Helps the seed minimize mortality and environmental stress
    • Improves seeds germination rate by up to 30%
    • Suitable for all seeds & seedlings
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    Serbajadi Growth Booster


    Serbajadi Growth Booster is specially formulated with a humic and fulvic acid blend and unique trace elements to provide balanced nutrients for your plants to grow strong and healthily.
    Instantly provides nutrients
    Suitable for all growing & green plants

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Helps to promote healthy plant growth and development. Increase in leaf size, improved flower production, and overall healthier plants.
    • Suitable for a variety of plants: vegetables, flowers, herbs, and indoor plants.
    • Made from natural ingredients and is safe for use on all plants
    • Regular use will help to improve the overall health and vitality of your plants, with long-lasting effects.
  • Pokon Ficus Feed


    Ficus trees are strong plants and require special care. This perfectly balanced fertiliser has been especially developed for Ficus trees. Available in 250ml.

  • Pokon Citrus Feed


    This perfectly balanced plant food with a high concentration of nitrogen has been especially created for the care of citrus and other Mediterranean plants such as oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, grapefruit, olives and figs in pots and ensures they produce beautiful and healthy fruit. Available in 250ml.

  • Pokon Bonsai Feed


    Bonsai trees require special care. This perfectly balanced fertiliser has been especially developed to help you grow healthy and vital bonsai trees. Available in 250ml.

  • Pokon Feed for Green Plants


    Your green houseplant will be extra beautiful when you feed with Pokon Green Plant Food. This food contains
essential nutritional elements and a rich mix of trace elements that keep your green plants beautiful and healthy. In addition, your plant will be strong and healthy
thanks to extra humus extracts and a 100% vegetable bio stimulant. This allows your plant to absorb the nutrients better. Available in 250ml.

  • Spring Pro Florist Feed for Flowering Plants


    Spring Pro Florist Feed for Flowering Plants – 500ml feed for flowering plants.

  • Spring Pro Florist Vanda Orchid Feed


    Spring Pro Florist Vanda Feed: 1x Bottle 500ml vanda feed

  • Biomate Natural Fertilizer


    Biomate Natural Fertilizer is a slow release natural/organic fertilizer that is derived from the fermentation process of organic food without harming or polluting mother earth. The advanced high speed fermentation technology uses reclaimed food such as vegetables, fruit, chicken, duck, beef, seafood and other organics.
    Suitable for vegetables/leafy trees, flowering and fruiting trees.

  • Mr Garnick Leafy Fertilizer

    Mr Garnick Leafy Fertilizer


    Fortified with natural mineral
    Bigger, Fuller & Greener Leaves

    Package includes : One pack of Mr Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer (1KG)

    Target Area : Leaf ornamental plants , foliar vegetables , big trees & turf

    Major ingredients : Sesame meal , feather meal , fish bone meal , palm bunch ash, fully-fermented compost, organic rock mineral , humic & fulvic acid, beneficial microbes

    Usage instruction : Mix with soil before planting or use as fertilizer throughout planting process.

  • Super Stem Nitrogen Amendment by BEO


    Concentrated Nitrogen additives (natural of course!) Super stem speeds up the photosynthesis process in struggling plants and vegetables. Super stem adds the adequate amount of Nitrogen needed by plants to kickstart growth and flowering.

    1 Litre Spray Bottle By Black Earth Organics



    Growth Technology Palm Focus is a unique liquid concentrated fertiliser formulated precisely for palms. It is suitable for all palms whether in open ground, pots, indoors or outdoors. Palm Focus is manufactured from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids, such as humic and fulvic acids and concentrated extracts of kelp. Soil fertility is the key to success and it is maintained in pots by Palm Focus. Potted palms will especially benefit from regular feeding.
    Simply mix 5ml of Palm Focus in 1 litre of clean water.
    Indoor palms will benefit from year round regular feeding with each alternate watering.
    Storage: keep out of reach of children, in a cool area with a minimum temperature of 6 degrees C.
    Available in 300ml



    Houseplant Myst provides complete care for houseplants. It is a nutrient solution, growth enhancer and pest repellent.
    It contains mineral and organic nutrients, marine plant extracts, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure plant oils.
    Houseplant Myst is suitable for all common houseplants such as anthuriums, calantheas, dracaenas, ficus, bonsai, palms, poinsettias, cacti, succulents and bromeliads.
    Available in 300 ml

  • Tomato Starter 6 Biscuits Plant Food


    Tomato  Starter 6 biscuits contain 5 active components for better tomatoes.

    The product contains rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, up to 4 months nutrients, water-retaining crystals and bioadditives

    Compost blends used in grow bags do not always contain the complex biology of garden soils that support the efficient transfer of nutrients and water to tomato plants. Using a few Tomato Starter biscuits whilst planting is the better way to get the best from your tomatoes, salads and vegetables.

    Application Rates
    Up to 3L Pot use 1 biscuit
    Over 3L Pot size use 1 biscuit per 4L of compost
    Vegetable patch use 1 biscuit per young plant

  • Chilli Focus 300ML


    Growth Technology Chilli Focus is a premium quality, liquid concentrated fertiliser, specially formulated for chillies and peppers grown in pots, growbags or the open ground.

    It is manufactured from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids such as humic and fulvic acid to increase the fertility of the potting medium.
    When properly fed, chillies and peppers can produce a bumper crop with juicy fruits.
    Chilli Focus is a balanced nutrition that should be used regularly from the start.
    For young plants or seedlings mix 5ml per litre of clean water once a week or more frequently if plants look pale.
    The vegetative stage of growth varies from plant to plant depending on species, cultivar and cultural techniques.
    The dose of 5ml per litre of water should be maintained until the first sign of blossom.
    After the onset of flowering increase dose to 10ml per litre of water and supply to plants weekly.

    Storage: keep out of reach of children, in a cool area with a minimum temperature of 6 degrees C.

  • Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 150g


    rootgrow™ 150g contains mycorrhizal fungi which naturally increase nutrient and water uptake by forming a highly efficient secondary root system. It is completely natural and plant-friendly fungi suitable for use on flowering plants, trees, shrubs and edibles.

    An economical mid-range pack size. One pouch will treat up to 8×2 Litre pots or a 50L pot.
    Comes with a handy 10ml scoop.  One application will support a plant for its entire lifetime!

    Please note: rootgrow™ doesn’t work on Brassicas, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heathers, Cranberries and Blueberries.