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  • Johnsons BASIL (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    Ocimum basilicum

    Superb aromas and flavours for a huge array of culinary dishes

    Superb range of aromas and flavours for a vast array of culinary dishes. Grow in beds, borders and containers and all year round on the windowsill.
    Lemon – fresh, uplifting lemon flavour and aroma.
    Lettuce Leaf – largest basil leaf, with traditional flavour, also looks great when used as a garnish.
    Minette – sweet, slightly spicy flavour, the traditional basil used for pizzas.
    Red Rubin – subtle flavour and deep red leaves, gives a colourful ‘lift’ to salads, soups and stir-fries.
    Sweet – the most popular, aromatic large leaved basil, imparts a sweet, slightly aniseed flavour.
    Thai – traditional ingredient for oriental dishes, the flavour combines both aniseed and spice, simply wilt the leaves into soups, noodles and rice dishes.

    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).

    Basil Collection

    6 varieties separately packed

  • RHS VEGETABLES from the Orient (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    A collection created by RHS experts, for every gardener!

    A collection of six varieties, to bring a taste of the orient from the garden, to the plate. A great addition to authentic tasting stir fries and other Asian inspired dishes.

    Part of the seed range produced by Mr Fothergill’s Seeds in partnership with the RHS.

    Choi Sum Hon Tsai tai Colourful stalks, leaves and buds, delicious for stir-fries.
    200 Seeds

    Onion (Spring) Long White Tokyo A great tasting, essential ingredient for so many oriental dishes.
    350 Seeds

    Pepper (Chilli) Thai Culinary Classic red chillies with plenty of flavour and heat.
    20 Seeds

    Mizuna Kyoto Easy to grow, tangy leaves for soups and stir-fries.
    500 Seeds

    Pak Choi Hei Xia F1 Extremely versatile crunchy stems and succulent leaves.
    125 Seeds

    Radish Daikon Mooli Minowase Nr 2 Large crisp roots with mild flavour, for sushi and stir fries
    100 Seeds



    Indian Cress

    Tropaeolum majus

    A selection of mixtures and colours, ideal for containers and bedding

    A selection of mixtures and separate colours. Ideal for beds, borders and containers, or covering unsightly areas of the garden.
    They thrive even in the poorest soils.

    Alaska Mixed – bright single flowers set off by pale green marbled foliage.
    Golden Jewel – semi-double golden flowers on compact plants. Perfect for borders, pots and tubs.
    Mahogany Gleam – semi-double flowers on semi-trailing plants. Great for ground cover and containers.
    Peach Melba – striking semi-double flowers with attractive salmon dots, on compact plants.
    Tall Mixed – an excellent mixture of bright single flowers on vigorous plants.
    Tom Thumbs Mixed – compact plants covered in single flowers in a good range of bright colours.

    Height: 25-180cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
    Habit: Ground Cover, Medium, Trailing.

    Nasturtiums Collection

    6 varieties, separately sown



    Summer vegetables seed collection by Mr. Fothergill’s. Seed collection summer Vegetables.

    Mr Fothergill’s our passion is to supply the very best quality gardening products, underpinned by the highest levels of customer service.

    6x Sachet (Includes Each Carrot Amsterdam 3 Average 1000 Seeds, Pepper (Sweet) Minimix Average 25 Seeds, Lettuce Mixed Leaves Average 500 Seeds, Rocket Average 500 Seeds, Onion (Spring) Jshikura Average 300 Seeds)



    Provides colour, texture and form

    Ideal for providing colour, texture and form to all types of mixed pots, tubs and patio containers. Contains half-hardy annuals and perennials which are easily grown as annuals. Coleus Rainbow Mixed – an amazing versatile tapestry of foliage colours. Busy Lizzy Colour Mix F2 – vibrant bedding and container flowers, all summer long. Lobelia Mrs Clibran – a striking ‘eye’ lifts this popular bedding and container plant. Petunia Mosaic Mixed F2 – the classic container favourite, with large colourful blooms. Verbena Compact Mixed – Clusters of bright blooms on spreading plants. Marigold Naughty Marietta – Large, long flowering single blooms give great impact.

    Height: 15-45cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA), Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).

    Patio Pots and Tubs Collection
    6 varieties, separately packed

  • Mr Fothergill’s PEPPERS (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    Pepper Collection

    Contains: Antohi Romanian (Sweet), Golden Bell (Sweet), Friggitello (Sweet), Jalapeno (Hot), Hungarian Hot Wax (Hot) and Red Cherry (Hot).

    Pepper Collection
    6 sachets seeds


  • RHS FLOWERS for Hanging Baskets (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    A collection created by RHS experts, for every gardener!

    A collection of six varieties, to create beautiful hanging basket displays. The perfect way to brighten up a front porch or add interest to a garden shed or any other garden area.

    Part of the seed range produced by Mr Fothergill’s Seeds in partnership with the RHS.

    Brachycome Purple Splendour Masses of fragrant daisy-like flowers on bushy, rounded plants.
    125 Seeds, Height 30cm

    Nemesia St George Free flowering compact plants with striking bicolour flowers.
    350 Seeds, Height 20cm

    Thunbergia White Climbing or trailing, unusual ‘Black-eyed Susan’.
    15 Seeds, Height 200cm

    Lobelia Fountains Mixed Vigorous plants for cascades of eye-catching little flowers.
    1200 Seeds, Height 30cm

    Nolana Bird Mixed Spreading and trailing plants with boldly coloured blooms.
    75 Seeds, Height 20cm

    Viola Bambini Mixed Cheerful, weather tolerant displays over a long season.
    35 Seeds, Height 15cm

    RHS Flowers for Hanging Baskets Collection
    1 collection pack that contains 6 varieties separately packed

  • Mr Fothergill’s CLIMBERS (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    Dramatic and unusual blooms. Add that little extra to the garden. Including :- Cardinal Climber, Morning Glory Grandpa Otts, Chilean Glory Vine, Spanish Flag, Hyacinth Bean and Sweet Pea Horizon Mixed.

    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA), Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Mixed Climber Seed Collection
    6 sachets of seeds, 1 of each variety

  • Mr Fothergill’s GRASSES (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    Annual and perennial grasses. Adds movement and texture. 6 varieties, each separately packed. 1 pack each of:

    Agrostis nebulosa
    Carex comans Bronze
    Festuca glauca
    Lamarkis aurea
    Melica ciliata
    Setaria macrocheata

    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA), Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Habit: Bushy.