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  • Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose) Seeds


    Adenium obesum, commonly called desert rose, is a thick-stemmed succulent that is native to semi-arid, sub-Saharan regions of eastern and southwestern Africa plus the Arabian peninsula.

    With its glossy leaves, curvaceous caudex and 2 – 3 inch trumpet shaped flowers, It has earned its place in any tropical garden. It is easy to start from seed and grow on.

    These rugged desert dwellers adapt to almost any situation as long as they have plenty of sun, warmth and very well-draining soil. These plants love to be in the direct sun.

    CAUTION: Their milky plant sap is poisonous so handle with gloves when grown or wash your hands immediately after handling.

    10 seeds.  Sourced from Taiwan.

  • Johnsons CACTUS Superfine Mixed Seeds


    Mixed Species

    A selection of different shapes and sizes, popular indoor plants

    A popular indoor pot plant for year round attraction. Lots of different shapes and sizes provide an ideal starting point for a mixed collection.

    Height: 10-30cm
    Plant Class: Indoor Perennial (IP).
    Habit: Medium, Upright.
    CAUTION: Plants will produce spines.

    Cactus Superfine Mixed

    Enough seeds for 30 plants

  • Johnsons GERBERA Californian Giants Mixed Seeds


    Transvaal Daisy

    Gerbera jamesonii

    Exotic summer blooming pot plant and cut flower

    Wonderfully colourful daisy-like flowers on long strong stems. Excellent summer flowering indoor or conservatory pot plant and lovely exotic cut flower.

    Height: 50cm
    Plant Class: Indoor Perennial (IP).
    Habit: Medium, Upright.

    Gerbera California Giants Mixed

    Average 25 seeds

  • Johnsons COLEUS Rainbow Mixed Seeds



    Solenostemon scutellarioides

    Spectacular foliage for the garden or the house

    An easy to grow, dramatic foliage plant for use indoors or as a spectacular summer container and bedding plant. Will produce good decorative plants in the first year.

    Height: 45cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Bushy, Medium.

    Coleus Rainbow Mixed

    Average 100 seeds

  • Johnsons LAVENDER Munstead


    Lavandula angustifolia
    Hardy Shrub (HS) Perfect for Pollination
    Dense, fragrant plants, loved by bees and butterflies
    Much loved variety with aromatic leaves and flowers which can be cut and dried, best grown where the scent can be appreciated. Attracts butterflies and bees to the garden.
    Height: 60cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Shrub (HS).
    Habit: Bushy, Medium.
    Lavender Munstead
    Average 150 seeds

  • Johnsons MARIGOLD (French) Dwarf Double Mixed Seeds


    Tagetes patula

    Free-flowering and reliable

    Excellent value for money, mixture of brightly coloured dwarf marigolds. Remove dead heads regularly to prolong the flowering season.

    Height: 20cm/8in
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Bushy, Dwarf, Ground Cover.

  • Mr Fothergill’s CINERARIA Silver Dust Seeds


    Dusty Miller

    Senecio cineraria (Compositae)

    The perfect foil for bright summer bedding

    The deeply-cut, silver-grey foliage of this compact and uniform plant is the ideal complement to brightly coloured bedding subjects such as petunia, salvia and geranium. Silver Dust looks as good in containers as it does in beds borders or edging a path, and is so easy to grow from seed.

    Cineraria is a half-hardy perennial (strictly a shrub), best grown as a half-hardy annual, producing a fine show in the year of sowing. Small yellow flowers may appear during the summer, but these are best removed.  In milder areas it may survive the winter unprotected.

    Height: 25cm(10in)
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (Treat as HHA).
    Habit: Bushy, Dwarf, Ground Cover.

    200 Seeds

  • Johnsons DAHLIA Showpiece Mixed Seeds


    Dahlia x hortensis

    Excellent tall mix of large, mainly double blooms

    Large, mostly double flowers in a range of bright colours which attract bees and butterflies. The long stems are ideal for cutting or the border. Usually grown as an annual.

    Height: 90-120cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Bushy, Tall.

    Dahlia Showpiece Mixed

    Average 40 seeds



    Indian Cress

    Tropaeolum majus

    A selection of mixtures and colours, ideal for containers and bedding

    A selection of mixtures and separate colours. Ideal for beds, borders and containers, or covering unsightly areas of the garden.
    They thrive even in the poorest soils.

    Alaska Mixed – bright single flowers set off by pale green marbled foliage.
    Golden Jewel – semi-double golden flowers on compact plants. Perfect for borders, pots and tubs.
    Mahogany Gleam – semi-double flowers on semi-trailing plants. Great for ground cover and containers.
    Peach Melba – striking semi-double flowers with attractive salmon dots, on compact plants.
    Tall Mixed – an excellent mixture of bright single flowers on vigorous plants.
    Tom Thumbs Mixed – compact plants covered in single flowers in a good range of bright colours.

    Height: 25-180cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
    Habit: Ground Cover, Medium, Trailing.

    Nasturtiums Collection

    6 varieties, separately sown

  • RHS PASSION FLOWER (Edible Fruit) Seeds


    Passiflora caerulea

    Half Hardy Perennial.

    Fast growing exotic climber. A wonderfully exotic climber with large, ornate flowers followed by edible fruit.

    Often winter hardy if grown against a sheltered, sunny wall in light, well-drained soil. Height up to 10 m.

    Approx 50 seeds.

  • Mr Fothergill’s COLEUS Flame Dancers Seeds


    Solenostemon scutellarioides

    Striking foliage

    Fabulous foliage for summer bedding or patio containers. Eye-catching colour combinations as indoor plants. Sow anytime for indoor pot plants. Treat as HHA.

    Coleus have always been a great plant for adding long lasting colour to the shady border and they also make a dramatic foliage plant for summer pots and bedding.

    Height: 30cm(12in)
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (Treat as HHA), Indoor Perennial (IP).
    Habit: Ground Cover, Medium.

    100 Seeds

  • Johnsons PETUNIA Duo Mixed F1 Seeds


    Petunia multiflora

    Delightful double blooms, for bedding and containers

    Delightful blooms in a wide range of colours on uniform, compact plants with good weather resistance. Ideal for bedding or all types of containers.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Medium, Upright.

    Petunia Duo Mixed F1

    Average 60 seeds

  • Johnsons MORNING GLORY Grandpa Otts Seeds


    Ipomoea purpurea

    Prolific climber with striking, large open trumpets

    A vigorous, fast growing climber with sumptuous royal blue flowers and a contrasting purple star. Self supporting, it is wonderful grown over trellis, walls and fences.

    Height: 300cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Morning Glory Grandpa Otts

    Average 30 seeds

  • Johnsons MARIGOLD (French) Fireball F1 Seeds


    Tagetes patula

    Compact, multi-coloured, crested blooms

    Unique breeding developed to put multi-coloured blooms on the same plant, creating a completely new look for planting schemes and bedding displays.

    Height: 20cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Upright.

    Marigold (French) Fireball F1

    Enough for 35 plants

  • Johnsons MARIGOLD (African) Vanilla F1 Seeds


    Tagetes erecta

    Attractive, large blooms for pots, borders and beds

    Delightful large double ‘pompon’ blooms of pale vanilla for more subtle planting schemes. Superb in bedding displays, borders, pots and tubs.

    Height: 45cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Bushy, Medium, Upright.

    Marigold (African) Vanilla F1

    Average 20 seeds

  • Johnsons COSMOS Dwarf Sensation Mixed Seeds



    Cosmos bipinnatus

    Free flowering dwarf variety for borders and containers

    A beautiful dwarf mixture of graceful, simple flowers on finely cut, lacy foliage. Perfect for the smaller garden and ideal in beds, borders or in containers.

    Height: 60cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Dwarf, Upright.

    Cosmos Dwarf Sensation Mixed

    Enough seeds for 60 plants