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  • Sarah Raven SWEET PEA Windsor Seeds


    Lathyrus odoratus
    Hardy Annual (HA) Suitable for Attracting Bees Full Sun Suitable For Cutting
    Highly scented and productive mix

    Flowers in a rich carmine-crimson with a magnificent scent to match. This is a modern Grandiflora sweet pea with longer stems and longer flowering season than the older types.

    From the Sarah Raven’s Cut Flower range.

    Height: 180cm (6ft)
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
    Habit: Climber.

    Sweet Pea Windsor
    Average 20 seeds

  • RHS PASSION FLOWER (Edible Fruit) Seeds


    Passiflora caerulea

    Half Hardy Perennial.

    Fast growing exotic climber. A wonderfully exotic climber with large, ornate flowers followed by edible fruit.

    Often winter hardy if grown against a sheltered, sunny wall in light, well-drained soil. Height up to 10 m.

    Approx 50 seeds.

  • Johnsons MORNING GLORY Skylark Mixed Seeds


    Ipomoea tricolor
    Half Hardy Annual (HHA)
    Stunning, vigorous climber with trumpet shaped blooms

    Vigorous twining annuals with huge trumpet shaped flowers marked in degrees and shades of blue. Charming grown over trellis, fences and pergolas.

    Height: 300cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Morning Glory Skylark Mixed
    Average 30 seeds

  • Johnsons ANNUALS MIXED Climbing Seeds


    Bright colour for summer, to liven up trellis and fences

    A wonderful selection of vigorous and colourful annual climbers, providing cover for trellis and fences. Or, use to screen unsightly areas of the garden.

    Height: 300cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
    Habit: Climbing.

  • Johnsons ECCREMOCARPUS Tresco (chilean glory flower) Mixed Seeds


    Chilean Glory Flower
    Eccremocarpus scaber
    Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)
    A delightfully exotic, vigorous climber for trellis or walls

    A fast growing climber which bears numerous tubular exotic-looking blooms in summer. Perfect for walls and trellis. Usually grown as an annual.

    Height: 300cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Eccremocarpus Tresco Mixed
    Average 150 seeds

  • Johnsons CANARY CREEPER Seeds


    Tropaeolum peregrinum
    Hardy Annual (HA) Full Sun Partial Shade Suitable for Climbing
    Easy, fast growing climber with bright, ‘frilled’ flowers

    A beautiful and easy to grow climber with a long flowering season. A great choice where quick cover is needed or to brighten up walls and fences.

    Height: 180cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Canary Creeper
    Average 25 seeds

  • Johnsons CLEMATIS chiisanensis Korean Beauty


    C. chiisanensis
    Hardy Perennial (HP) First Year Flowering Perennial (FYFP) Full Sun Partial Shade
    First year flowering climber, ideal for fences and trellis
    A quick growing deciduous vine which becomes covered in a profusion of pretty, nodding bell-shaped flowers with attractive reddish anthers. Stunning for trellis, fences or scrambling through tree branches.

    From the World Botanics range.

    Height: 300cm (10ft)
    Plant Class: First Year Flowering Perennial (FYFP), Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Habit: Climbing, Tall.
    Clematis Korean Beauty
    Average 35 seeds

  • Johnsons MORNING GLORY Carnevale di Venezia Seeds


    Ipomoea purpurea

    Flamboyant Striped Blooms with all the colour and spectacle of the Venice carnival. Excellent for covering walls, fences or trellises.
    30 Seeds
    Climbs up to 3 metres

  • Johnsons BLACK EYED SUSAN Susie Mixed Seeds


    Thunbergia alata

    A colourful, compact climber for baskets and trellis
    Compact climber or ‘trailer’ for small trellis, containers and baskets, perfect for patios and conservatories. Sometimes flowers even avoid a black eye! Usually grown as an annual.

    Height: 120cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Black Eyed Susan Susie Mixed

    Average 25 seeds

  • Johnsons BLACK EYED SUSAN Sunset Shades Seeds


    Thunbergia alata

    Compact climber with beautiful exotic coloured blooms

    A compact climber producing flowers in a range of warm ‘sunset’ colours set off by black eyes. Ideal for patios and as a conservatory plant. Usually grown as an annual.

    Height: 120cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Climbing.

    Black Eyed Susan Sunset Shades

    Average 15 seeds