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  • Johnsons THYME Seeds


    A hardy shrub, often evergreen, the strong flavour is delicious when combined with all types of robust meat and vegetable dishes.

    Sow thinly, cover lightly with fine compost. Firm gently. Keep at 15-20˚C and keep moist. Seedlings appear 21-35 days.
    When large enough transplant 5cm apart in further trays.
    Transplant to final position spacing 25cm apart, in a warm sunny position in well drained soil./n/nAverage 1000 seeds

  • Johnsons BASIL (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    Ocimum basilicum

    Superb aromas and flavours for a huge array of culinary dishes

    Superb range of aromas and flavours for a vast array of culinary dishes. Grow in beds, borders and containers and all year round on the windowsill.
    Lemon – fresh, uplifting lemon flavour and aroma.
    Lettuce Leaf – largest basil leaf, with traditional flavour, also looks great when used as a garnish.
    Minette – sweet, slightly spicy flavour, the traditional basil used for pizzas.
    Red Rubin – subtle flavour and deep red leaves, gives a colourful ‘lift’ to salads, soups and stir-fries.
    Sweet – the most popular, aromatic large leaved basil, imparts a sweet, slightly aniseed flavour.
    Thai – traditional ingredient for oriental dishes, the flavour combines both aniseed and spice, simply wilt the leaves into soups, noodles and rice dishes.

    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).

    Basil Collection

    6 varieties separately packed

  • Johnsons SAGE Seeds


    Salvia officinalis

    A robust flavour, ideal for stuffing

    A hardy evergreen shrub, the leaves are a traditional ingredient in stuffing and complement all rich meats as it is said they counteract any fattiness. Provides fresh leaves all year round!

    Height: 60cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Shrub (HS).


    Average 75 seeds

  • Johnsons MINT Applemint Seeds


    Apple Mint – Mentha Suaveolens

    This is a perennial herb with spreading habit and apple-scented leaves. It also has lilac flowers in the summer. Mint likes rich, moist soil and can be grown in partial shade. It is very invasive, so should be confined in a pot or a separate area. Pick the leaves as required, which are best used fresh. Pinch out the tip of the main stem to encourage bushy growth.

  • Johnsons OREGANO Greek Seeds


    Origanum vulgare

    Perfect with richly flavoured meats and grilled fish
    Very versatile with a somewhat floral, strongly aromatic flavour. A traditional ingredient of robust Greek food, popular in dishes such as moussaka. Excellent with cheese, grilled fish and for flavouring oils.

    Height: 45cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).


    Average 1500 seeds

  • Johnsons GARLIC CHIVES Seeds


    Allium tuberosum

    Decorative and versatile, with a mild garlic flavour
    A decorative herb with attractive white flowers and fleshy, mild garlic flavoured leaves which are great in salads, stir-fries or finely chopped in cream cheese or omelettes.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).

    Garlic Chives

    Average 250 seeds

  • Johnsons MINT Seeds


    Mentha spicata

    Ideal for summer drinks, sauces and with new potatoes
    A classic British, long lasting and easy to grow herb. Traditionally served with lamb and new potatoes. Add to cooling summer drinks or serve with soups, sauces, in stuffing or with shellfish.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).


    Average 1250 seeds

  • Johnsons BASIL Sweet (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Ocimum basilicum

    Organically grown seed, classic sweet basil flavour
    Organically grown basil seed. Produces large, delicious leaves with the classic sweet basil taste. Great with pasta and tomato dishes or added to salads.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).

    Basil Sweet (ORGANIC)

    Average 300 seeds

  • Johnsons BASIL Red Leaves


    Ocimum basilicum
    Half Hardy Annual (HHA) Awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit
    Adds colour and contrast to salads and the garden
    Aromatic, deep red-purple leaves, wonderful to add colour to salads, pasta and pizza. A colourful addition to the herb garden or mixed patio containers.
    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Basil Red Leaved
    Average 300 seeds

  • Johnsons CORIANDER Cilantro for Leaf (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Organically grown coriander seeds

    Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growth

    Suitable for planting in well-drained soil
    nPerfect for salads or use as a garnish within curries and stir-fries, the Johnsons Organic Coriander Cilantro For Leaf Seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sowing.
    Organically grown, this desirable herb is suitable for sowing into well-drained soil all year round, or between the months of March and June if grown outdoors.

    Height: 60cm (Approx)

  • Jekkas Herbs MARJORAM Sweet Seeds


    Origanum majorana

    Versatile leaves and seeds

    Soft, very aromatic leaves with wonderful, complex flavour, use with meat or vegetables.

    From the Jekka’s Herbs range.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).

    Average 1750 seeds

  • Buzzy® House Plants Eucalypthus, Lemon Bush Seeds


    Lemon scented Gum
    Can be grown indoors all year round at approx. 20°C, prick out into pots.

    The leaves smell of citronella when touched and keeps mosquitos away.

  • Jekkas Herbs SAVORY Summer Seeds


    Satureja hortensis
    Delicious fresh or dried leaves

    Produces charming little flowers in summer over fine, slightly peppery leaves. Great seasoning for salt free diets.

    From the Jekka’s Herbs range.Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).

    Jekka’s Herbs Savory Summer
    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons Chives Seeds


    Can be grown in pots or even in the flower border. The mild onion flavour is ideal in salads or added to dairy sauces and in all types of egg dishes. Also makes a great garnish.

    Hardy Perennial
    Average 750 seeds

  • Mr Fothergill’s BASIL Thai Seeds


    Ocimum basilicum
    Suitable for Containers
    Very decorative, spicy taste

    As easy to grow as any other basil, this variety has a distinctly liquorice flavour and used heavily in Thai and oriental dishes. A native of South East Asia, the purple leaves look very attractive in pots, both outdoors and on the windowsill.

    Height: 60cm(24in)

    Basil Thai Seeds
    300 Seeds

  • Jekkas Herbs BORAGE White Flowering Seeds


    Borago officinalis Alba

    Stylish in drinks and salads

    Attractive star shaped white flowers are great in summer drinks and salads. Young leaves can also be used in salads.

    From the Jekka’s Herbs range.

    Height: 45cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).

    Jekka’s Herbs Borage White Flowering

    Average 35 seeds