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  • Johnsons PEPPER (Sweet) Asti Red (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Capsicum annuum

    A thick walled, traditional Italian variety

    A classic Italian variety with fleshy walls and traditional flavour. Suitable for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. Shows resistance to disease.

    Pepper (Sweet) Asti Red (ORGANIC)

    Average 10 seeds

  • Johnsons PEPPER (Hot) De Cayenne Seeds



    Capsicum annuum

    A tasty and productive variety, can be eaten green or red

    Hot and spicy, long thin peppers that can grow up to approx. 10cm (4in) in length. They turn from a milder flavoured green to hot peppery red.

    Pepper (Hot) De Cayenne

    Average 60 seeds

  • Johnsons ONION (Spring) Red Toga Seeds


    Spring Onion

    Allium fistulosum

    Tender salad onions with a mild flavour. Attractive and tasty

    Very decorative red salad onion adds colour to the plate. The tender juicy shafts have a mild flavour and are very attractive in salads and stir-fries.

    Onion (Spring) Red Toga

    Average 300 seeds

  • Johnsons ONION (Spring) Performer Seeds


    Allium fistulosum

    The long straight stems do very well in pots

    The long, slender stems are slow to bulb, making them ideal for growing in pots and perfect for eating in salads and stir-fries.

    Onion (Spring) Performer

    Average 250 seeds

  • Johnsons ONION (Spring) Ishikura (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Allium fistulosum

    Easy to grow, classic slender bunching onion

    Popular and easy to grow bunching onion. The tasty stems remain succulent and tender over a long and rewarding harvest season.

    Onion (Spring) Ishikura (ORGANIC)

    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons LEEK Carentan 3 (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Allium porrum

    Organically grown seed, a reliable, hardy leek
    Organically grown leek seed, this hardy autumn to winter variety produces thick white stems with delicious flavour in soups and stews.

    Leek Carentan 3 (ORGANIC)

    Average 400 seeds

  • Johnsons LAMBS LETTUCE Favor Seeds


    Lambs Lettuce

    Valerianella locusta

    Neat rosettes of small, upright leaves
    Also known as ‘Corn Salad’, it forms small rosettes of upright, shiny and tender leaves with a distinct, mild flavour. Can be harvested whole or as individual leaves for ‘cut and come again’ salads.

    Lambs Lettuce Favor

    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons CRESS Curled (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Lepidium sativum

    Organically grown seed, full of flavour and a classic garnish

    Organically grown cress seed, provides a delicious peppery flavouring for sandwiches and salads. Easy and fast to grow all year round.

    Cress Curled (ORGANIC)

    Average 2500 seeds

  • Johnsons COURGETTE Black Beauty (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Cucurbita pepo

    Organically grown seed, attractive, dark and glossy fruit
    Organically grown courgette seed for prolific crops. Dark green tasty fruits are best harvested up to about 20cm/8in long.

    Courgette Black Beauty (ORGANIC)

    Average 10 seeds



    Cucurbita pepo

    Various colours and shapes

    Productive plants with fruit in an attractive range of colours, shapes, textures and flavours. Ideal for salads, stir-fries and as a steamed or baked vegetable.

    Black Beauty – good flavoured succulent fruits with very dark skins.
    Golden Zucchini – attractive, thin skinned, golden cylindrical fruits with crisp flesh and good flavour.
    Lebanese – unusual pale green ‘club’ shaped fruits with an excellent flavour and texture.
    De Nice a fruit round – novel round fruits up to the size of a tennis ball, wonderful stuffed.
    Patty pan – pale green, pie shaped fruits with scalloped edges, can be steamed whole if picked small.
    Yellow Scallop – slightly larger golden yellow scalloped fruits, great hollowed out and stuffed like a pie.

    Courgette & Summer Squash Collection

    6 varieties packed separately

  • Johnsons CHARD Bright Lights Seeds


    Beta vulgaris

    Colourful as ‘baby’ leaf or as a cooked vegetable
    Up to 7 different colour stems which can be picked as ‘baby’ leaf or full size. Steam leaves and stems separately and get two dishes for the price of one.

    Chard Bright Lights

    Average 150 seeds

  • Johnsons CAULIFLOWER Flora Blanca (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Brassica oleracea Botrytis

    Organically grown seed, crisp dense heads

    Organically grown cauliflower seed, for reliable crops of an old Dutch favourite, producing crisp white heads that will overwinter, given a little protection.

    Cauliflower Flora Blanca (ORGANIC)

    Average 50 seeds

  • Johnsons CAULIFLOWER All The Year Round Seeds


    Brassica oleracea Botrytis

    Popular variety with large heads and good flavour

    An established and popular garden variety that produces large white heads over a long season. Ideal for successional sowing.

    Cauliflower All the Year Round

    Average 200 seeds

  • Johnsons CARROT Ox-Heart Seeds


    An old french variety sometimes known as ‘Guerande’ and originally grown in the neighbourhood of Nantes.
    A snub nosed variety, which will grow well in containers or shallow soil.
    The roots can be 10-13cm (4-5”) wide at the shoulder, and will not get much longer. The name gives a perfect description on the shape of this carrot. Sweet and tender, ‘Oxheart’ is a quick grower with less foliage than you’d expect from the size of the root, and it is an excellent keeper.

  • Johnsons BEETROOT Detroit 2 (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Beta vulgaris

    Organically grown seed, easy to grow deep red roots
    Organically grown beetroot seed for delicious deep red, globe-shaped roots. Use as a hot vegetable or pickled.

    Young baby leaves are also tasty and can be used in salads.

    Beetroot Detroit 2 (ORGANIC)

    Average 275 seeds

  • Johnsons MINT Applemint Seeds


    Apple Mint – Mentha Suaveolens

    This is a perennial herb with spreading habit and apple-scented leaves. It also has lilac flowers in the summer. Mint likes rich, moist soil and can be grown in partial shade. It is very invasive, so should be confined in a pot or a separate area. Pick the leaves as required, which are best used fresh. Pinch out the tip of the main stem to encourage bushy growth.