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  • Johnsons BEETROOT Detroit 2 (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Beta vulgaris

    Organically grown seed, easy to grow deep red roots
    Organically grown beetroot seed for delicious deep red, globe-shaped roots. Use as a hot vegetable or pickled.

    Young baby leaves are also tasty and can be used in salads.

    Beetroot Detroit 2 (ORGANIC)

    Average 275 seeds

  • Johnsons TOMATO Ace 55 VF (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Solanum lycopersicum

    Robust bushy plants with large fleshy fruits

    A large, fleshy heirloom variety with a mellow flavour and low acidity. Shows resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium.
    Determinate, requires no support.

    Tomato Ace 55 VF (ORGANIC)

    Average 10 seeds

  • Johnsons ONION (Spring) Ishikura (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Allium fistulosum

    Easy to grow, classic slender bunching onion

    Popular and easy to grow bunching onion. The tasty stems remain succulent and tender over a long and rewarding harvest season.

    Onion (Spring) Ishikura (ORGANIC)

    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons SALAD MIXED LEAVES Oriental Seeds



    Authentic Asian salad leaves, also great for stir-fries
    A classic combination of oriental salad ingredients with a balance of mild, soft leaves and enough heat to add contrast. Harvest as baby leaf for salads or us as a delicious stir fry at maturity.

    Mixed Leaves ‘Oriental’

    Average 500 seeds

  • Johnsons RADISH Sparkler 3 (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Raphanus sativus

    Organically grown seed, delicious crunchy radishes

    Organically grown radish seed for attractive, crisp, deep red round roots with a white tip, throughout the summer months.

    Radish Sparkler 3 (ORGANIC)

    Average 450 seeds

  • Johnsons ONION (Spring) Red Toga Seeds


    Spring Onion

    Allium fistulosum

    Tender salad onions with a mild flavour. Attractive and tasty

    Very decorative red salad onion adds colour to the plate. The tender juicy shafts have a mild flavour and are very attractive in salads and stir-fries.

    Onion (Spring) Red Toga

    Average 300 seeds

  • RHS FLOWERS for Easy Growing (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    A collection created by RHS experts, for every gardener!

    A collection of six varieties, which are popular and easy to grow, perfect for the novice gardener. These annual flowers can be direct sown and will brighten up any garden.

    Part of the seed range produced by Mr Fothergill’s Seeds in partnership with the RHS.

    Collection pack contains 6 varieties separately packed of:

    Calendula Indian Prince Easy to sow and grow, robust plants for reliable displays.

    50 Seeds, Height 30cm

    Godetia Sweetheart Easy cottage garden blooms for summer colour and cut flowers.

    400 Seeds, Height 60cm

    Nasturtium Golden Jewel Lush free-flowering plants that prefer poorer soils.

    15 Seeds, Height 30cm

    California Poppy Ivory Castle Tolerant of poor soils and hot sunny and dry locations.

    1510 Seeds, Height 30cm

    Larkspur Frosted Skies Tall flowers over fine foliage, ideal filler for summer borders.

    75 Seeds, Height 90cm

    Sunflower Italian White Tall bushy plants producing many smaller sunflower heads.

    20 Seeds, 150cm

    RHS Flowers for Easy Growing Collection

    1 collection pack that contains 6 varieties separately packed

  • RHS VEGETABLES from the Orient (COLLECTION PACK) Seeds


    A collection created by RHS experts, for every gardener!

    A collection of six varieties, to bring a taste of the orient from the garden, to the plate. A great addition to authentic tasting stir fries and other Asian inspired dishes.

    Part of the seed range produced by Mr Fothergill’s Seeds in partnership with the RHS.

    Choi Sum Hon Tsai tai Colourful stalks, leaves and buds, delicious for stir-fries.
    200 Seeds

    Onion (Spring) Long White Tokyo A great tasting, essential ingredient for so many oriental dishes.
    350 Seeds

    Pepper (Chilli) Thai Culinary Classic red chillies with plenty of flavour and heat.
    20 Seeds

    Mizuna Kyoto Easy to grow, tangy leaves for soups and stir-fries.
    500 Seeds

    Pak Choi Hei Xia F1 Extremely versatile crunchy stems and succulent leaves.
    125 Seeds

    Radish Daikon Mooli Minowase Nr 2 Large crisp roots with mild flavour, for sushi and stir fries
    100 Seeds

  • Johnsons PEA Rondo (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Pisum sativum

    Outstanding maincrop variety with up to 10 peas per pod

    Vigorous bushy plants produce exceptional yields of large pods held in pairs, with each containing up to 10 succulent and great tasting peas. Plants show good resistance to Fusarium wilt and regularly out performs popular varieties

    Pea Rondo (ORGANIC)

    Average 150 seeds

  • Mr Fothergill’s ROCKET (Arugula) Buzz All year round


    Eruca sativa
    Easy To Grow Variety Vit C Suitable for Contained Gardens Salad Bar
    Mild, long season variety
    Great tasting, attractive leaves which are fast to grow, slow to bolt and perfect for picking as ‘baby’ leaf. Can be grown under cover in autumn and winter to provide year round harvests and a continuous supply of leaves.

    Rocket Buzz
    350 Seeds

  • Johnsons TOMATO Honeycomb F1 Seeds


    Tomato Seeds – F1 Honeycomb

    Less fruit splitting than ‘Sungold’

    Top in our taste tests

    Large cherry size

    Sweet and juicy with excellent flavour

    These gorgeous cherry tomatoes have a sweet, juicy flavour which has undertones of honey. You’ll see less fruit splitting than Sungold, with around 150-200 cherry tomatoes on every plant.

    Expect large, cherry-sized fruit crammed with that delicious flavour, and the orange-yellow colour makes them a striking sight on the plant (and in a salad for that matter…). If you like a homegrown tomato, you’re going to love these.
    Harvest July-October.

  • Johnsons PEPPER (Sweet) Asti Red (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds


    Capsicum annuum

    A thick walled, traditional Italian variety

    A classic Italian variety with fleshy walls and traditional flavour. Suitable for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. Shows resistance to disease.

    Pepper (Sweet) Asti Red (ORGANIC)

    Average 10 seeds

  • RHS ZINNIA Oklahoma Mix Seeds


    Zinnia elegans

    Half Hardy Annual.

    Long flowering and weather tolerant Prolific, large pompon flowers on long sturdy stems which make it highly suitable for cutting and giving excellent weather tolerance, for lasting displays in sunny borders.

    Height up to 90 cm. Approx 75 seeds.


  • Mr Fothergill’s COLEUS Flame Dancers Seeds


    Solenostemon scutellarioides

    Striking foliage

    Fabulous foliage for summer bedding or patio containers. Eye-catching colour combinations as indoor plants. Sow anytime for indoor pot plants. Treat as HHA.

    Coleus have always been a great plant for adding long lasting colour to the shady border and they also make a dramatic foliage plant for summer pots and bedding.

    Height: 30cm(12in)
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (Treat as HHA), Indoor Perennial (IP).
    Habit: Ground Cover, Medium.

    100 Seeds



    Indian Cress

    Tropaeolum majus

    A selection of mixtures and colours, ideal for containers and bedding

    A selection of mixtures and separate colours. Ideal for beds, borders and containers, or covering unsightly areas of the garden.
    They thrive even in the poorest soils.

    Alaska Mixed – bright single flowers set off by pale green marbled foliage.
    Golden Jewel – semi-double golden flowers on compact plants. Perfect for borders, pots and tubs.
    Mahogany Gleam – semi-double flowers on semi-trailing plants. Great for ground cover and containers.
    Peach Melba – striking semi-double flowers with attractive salmon dots, on compact plants.
    Tall Mixed – an excellent mixture of bright single flowers on vigorous plants.
    Tom Thumbs Mixed – compact plants covered in single flowers in a good range of bright colours.

    Height: 25-180cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
    Habit: Ground Cover, Medium, Trailing.

    Nasturtiums Collection

    6 varieties, separately sown

  • Johnsons DAHLIA Showpiece Mixed Seeds


    Dahlia x hortensis

    Excellent tall mix of large, mainly double blooms

    Large, mostly double flowers in a range of bright colours which attract bees and butterflies. The long stems are ideal for cutting or the border. Usually grown as an annual.

    Height: 90-120cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Bushy, Tall.

    Dahlia Showpiece Mixed

    Average 40 seeds