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  • Mr Fothergill’s DAHLIA Pompon Mixed Seeds


    D. x hortensis

    Tall and long lasting

    A cut flower favourite giving a high percentage of double pompon ‘honeycomb’ heads.

    Height: 90cm(36in)
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (Treat as HHA).
    Habit: Tall.

    50 Seeds

  • Johnsons Microgreens Rocket Seeds


    A packet of microgreen Rocket seed that are quick, easy and nutritious.

    Average seed content 2000
    Growing Instructions on reverse of packet

  • Buzzy® House Plants Philodendron Selluom Seeds


    Can be grown indoors all year round at approx. 20°C, in a seed tray. Prick out into pots. Keep the soil moist. An easy houseplant with leaves that can grow up to 90 centimetres in diameter.

    Beware! Leaves are poisonous to pets!

  • Johnsons MUSTARD Red Frills Seeds



    Brassica juncea

    Attractive, hot ‘baby’ leaves add a colourful kick to salads
    Easy and fast growing the ‘baby’ leaves add colour and heat to salads. Larger leaves become more pungent and are a great addition to stir-fries.

    Mustard Red Frills

    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons LEEK Carentan 3 (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Allium porrum

    Organically grown seed, a reliable, hardy leek
    Organically grown leek seed, this hardy autumn to winter variety produces thick white stems with delicious flavour in soups and stews.

    Leek Carentan 3 (ORGANIC)

    Average 400 seeds

  • Johnsons LAMBS LETTUCE Favor Seeds


    Lambs Lettuce

    Valerianella locusta

    Neat rosettes of small, upright leaves
    Also known as ‘Corn Salad’, it forms small rosettes of upright, shiny and tender leaves with a distinct, mild flavour. Can be harvested whole or as individual leaves for ‘cut and come again’ salads.

    Lambs Lettuce Favor

    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons PETUNIA Special Multiflora Mixed F1 Seeds


    Petunia multiflora

    Great value! Bright colours on dwarf, compact plants

    Great value. A quality F1 hybrid mix with a wide range of bright colours on weather resistant dwarf plants. Ideal for colourful summer bedding and container displays.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Dwarf, Upright.

    Petunia Special Multiflora Mixed F1

    Average 120 seeds

  • Johnsons MORNING GLORY Carnevale di Venezia Seeds


    Ipomoea purpurea

    Flamboyant Striped Blooms with all the colour and spectacle of the Venice carnival. Excellent for covering walls, fences or trellises.
    30 Seeds
    Climbs up to 3 metres

  • Johnsons LOBELIA White Lady Seeds


    Lobelia erinus

    Long flowering classic for bedding edging and containers

    A wonderful foil for other plants or to highlight and lift the colour of planting schemes in beds, borders and all types of containers.

    Height: 15cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
    Habit: Bushy.

    Lobelia White Lady

    Average 2500 seeds

  • Johnsons ECHINACEA paradoxa Seeds


    Echinacea paradoxa

    Dramatic, bright and long lasting flowers

    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Lightly scented blooms with eye-catching petals hanging down from central cones. Will attract butterflies into the garden.

    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Height: 90cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Habit: Medium, Upright.
    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).

    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Echinacea paradoxa

    Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP).
    Average 20 seeds

  • Oranjeband® Petunia F1 Wonderwave Purple Seeds


    Versatile WonderWave creates showy displays in every full-sun setting: baskets, planters, mixed containers, window boxes and in-ground plantings. The ultimate landscape performer, WonderWave features a wide, spreading habit that creates an excellent flowering groundcover – a single plant can spread up to 4 ft. (1.2 m) wide! Outstanding through the heat, cool and rain that wither other petunias, low-maintenance WonderWave petunias bloom freely all season without being cut back.

    Approximately 10 seeds

  • Jekkas Herbs SAVORY Summer Seeds


    Satureja hortensis
    Delicious fresh or dried leaves

    Produces charming little flowers in summer over fine, slightly peppery leaves. Great seasoning for salt free diets.

    From the Jekka’s Herbs range.Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).

    Jekka’s Herbs Savory Summer
    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons LAVENDER French Seeds


    Lavandula stoechas
    Hardy Shrub (HS) Perfect for Pollination
    Evergreen leaves with unusual purple flowers

    Scented, evergreen leaves and purple flowers on a compact shrub make a lovely show in borders, pots and tubs.

    Height: 40cm
    Plant Class: Hardy Shrub (HS).
    Habit: Bushy, Medium.

    Lavender – French
    Average 35 seeds

  • Sarah Raven OSTEOSPERMUM Sky & Ice Seeds


    Ideal cut flower

    Loved for the simple charm of its daisy-like flowers, with unusual midnight blue centres and a steely blue reverse.  This drought tolerant sun lover flowers freely all summer.

    Height: 75 cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).

    Average 50 seeds

  • Johnsons CRESS Curled (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Lepidium sativum

    Organically grown seed, full of flavour and a classic garnish

    Organically grown cress seed, provides a delicious peppery flavouring for sandwiches and salads. Easy and fast to grow all year round.

    Cress Curled (ORGANIC)

    Average 2500 seeds

  • Johnsons BUSY LIZZIE Safari Mixed F2 Seeds


    Impatiens walleriana

    The classic, long flowering bedding and container plant

    A summer bedding and container favourite, providing masses of flowers throughout the summer, in an excellent range of colours. Usually grown as an annual.

    Height: 30cm
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (HHP).
    Habit: Medium, Upright.

    Busy Lizzie Safari Mixed F2

    Average 50 seeds