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  • Johnsons LAMBS LETTUCE Favor Seeds


    Lambs Lettuce

    Valerianella locusta

    Neat rosettes of small, upright leaves
    Also known as ‘Corn Salad’, it forms small rosettes of upright, shiny and tender leaves with a distinct, mild flavour. Can be harvested whole or as individual leaves for ‘cut and come again’ salads.

    Lambs Lettuce Favor

    Average 350 seeds

  • Johnsons CRESS Curled (ORGANIC SEED) Seeds



    Lepidium sativum

    Organically grown seed, full of flavour and a classic garnish

    Organically grown cress seed, provides a delicious peppery flavouring for sandwiches and salads. Easy and fast to grow all year round.

    Cress Curled (ORGANIC)

    Average 2500 seeds

  • Buzzy® Xotica Sopropo Bittergourd Seeds


    Sow in pots in a warm position (22-25ºC) from April-June. After approximately 4 weeks plant out in a hobby greenhouse. Plants will need stringing. It is preferable to pollinate the female flowers by hand. Hollow the fruit and wash it carefully. Stuff it with meat or fish and bake in a sauce in the oven. Alternatively, cut in small pieces and stir fry. It is also very good when combined with pancakes or Turkish pasta dishes.

  • Johnsons Little Gardeners RUNNER BEAN Racing seeds


    Runner Bean
    Phaseolus coccineus
    Awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit
    Have a competition to grow the longest beans!

    Runner Bean Enorma. Compete with your friends to grow the longest bean or the tallest plant. See how fast they grow!

    Little Gardeners – Racing Runner Beans
    Average 15 seeds

  • Mr Fothergill’s CABBAGE (Savoy) Savoy King F1 Seeds


    Brassica oleracea capitata

    Flexible early season variety

    Savoy. Vigorous and heavy cropping, producing large heads. Sweet tasting with good winter hardiness.

    There is most definitely a cabbage for all seasons, supplying a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants through the year.

    50 Seeds

  • Johnsons RADICCHIO Rossa di Treviso precoce Seeds


    Cichorium intybus

    Strikingly coloured, fleshy leaves with distinct flavour

    Deep red leaves are set off by crisp white ribs and have a fresh, distinctive flavour. Leaves can be eaten raw or lightly chargrilled and drizzled with olive oil.

    Radicchio Rossa di Treviso precoce

    Average 1000 seeds

  • Johnsons PEPPER (Hot) De Cayenne Seeds



    Capsicum annuum

    A tasty and productive variety, can be eaten green or red

    Hot and spicy, long thin peppers that can grow up to approx. 10cm (4in) in length. They turn from a milder flavoured green to hot peppery red.

    Pepper (Hot) De Cayenne

    Average 60 seeds



    Cucurbita pepo

    Various colours and shapes

    Productive plants with fruit in an attractive range of colours, shapes, textures and flavours. Ideal for salads, stir-fries and as a steamed or baked vegetable.

    Black Beauty – good flavoured succulent fruits with very dark skins.
    Golden Zucchini – attractive, thin skinned, golden cylindrical fruits with crisp flesh and good flavour.
    Lebanese – unusual pale green ‘club’ shaped fruits with an excellent flavour and texture.
    De Nice a fruit round – novel round fruits up to the size of a tennis ball, wonderful stuffed.
    Patty pan – pale green, pie shaped fruits with scalloped edges, can be steamed whole if picked small.
    Yellow Scallop – slightly larger golden yellow scalloped fruits, great hollowed out and stuffed like a pie.

    Courgette & Summer Squash Collection

    6 varieties packed separately

  • Johnsons PUMPKIN Small Sugar Seeds


    Cucurbita pepo
    A small fruited variety with very sweet flesh, keeps well

    Attractive little pumpkins with a high sugar content and sweet tasty flesh, ideal for roasting, soups and pies. A good size for culinary use, also stores well.

    Pumpkin Small Sugar
    Average 25 seeds

  • Johnsons CARROT Ox-Heart Seeds


    An old french variety sometimes known as ‘Guerande’ and originally grown in the neighbourhood of Nantes.
    A snub nosed variety, which will grow well in containers or shallow soil.
    The roots can be 10-13cm (4-5”) wide at the shoulder, and will not get much longer. The name gives a perfect description on the shape of this carrot. Sweet and tender, ‘Oxheart’ is a quick grower with less foliage than you’d expect from the size of the root, and it is an excellent keeper.

  • Johnsons Salad Leaves Collection


    Ideal for baby leaves and quick and easy ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves. Use them to create individual salad mixes.

    • American Land Cress – quick and easy alternative to watercress. (Approx 500 seeds)
    • Coriander Cilantro – bred for large succulent leaves, it is slow to grow from seed. (Approx 85 seeds)
    • Lettuce Salad Bowl Red and Green – Attractive cut and curled ‘oak leaf’ shaped leaves. (Approx 500 seeds)
    • Mustard Red Giant – tangy, spicy leaves shaded red. Larger leaves are hotter. (Approx 350 seeds)
    • Rocket – attractive leaves with a distinctive peppery flavour. (Approx 500 seeds)
    • Spinach Lazio F1 – baby leaves add good flavour and texture. (Approx 150 seeds)
  • Johnsons PEPPER (Sweet) Friggitello Seeds


    Capsicum annuum

    Awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden

    Small, very sweet, conical fruits, perfect for stir-fries

    Vigorous plants with small, sweet tasting thin walled, conical green fruits which turn red. Ideal for growing in the greenhouse or a sunny spot in the garden.

    Pepper (Sweet) Friggitello

    Average 50 seeds

  • Johnsons Microgreens Radish Seeds


    Intense and spicy flavour, adds fresh bite to salads

    With the distinctive, fresh and peppery flavour of radishes, these fast growing micro-leaves add another dimension to salads, sandwiches and sauces. Especially good with cheeses. Ready in 10-16 days.

    Average 1500 seeds

    Raphanus sativus

  • Mr Fothergill’s FENNEL Di Firenze Seeds


    Foeniculum vulgare
    Mild ‘aniseed’ taste

    Large crisp white bulbs, with a mild ‘aniseed’ flavour. Easy to grow and fast to mature. The feathery foliage makes an attractive garnish and is good for flavouring many dishes.

    Fennel di Firenze Seeds
    250 Seeds

  • Jekkas Herbs SHISO Purple Seeds


    Perilla frutescens var. purpuracens
    Superb in stir fries

    Small pink flowers, over large crinkly leaves. Use in stir fries, with Japanese style raw fish or tempura.

    From the Jekka’s Herbs range.Height: 1m
    Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).

    Jekka’s Herbs Shiso Purple
    Average 175 seeds

  • Johnsons MIZUNA Seeds



    Brassica rapa

    Easy to grow, attractive, glossy leaves
    Very attractive and deeply cut leaves with a tasty, mildly spicy flavour that can be harvested from baby leaf to fully mature plants. The flowering shoots are also edible.


    Average 750 seeds