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  • Bottle Cap Watering Sprinkler 28mm x3


    Set of 3 Bottle Cap Sprinkler PVC Plastic Watering 28mm

  • Nitrile Multipurpose Gloves


    These heavy duty gardening gloves made by Jardineer are made from stretch nylon fabric with a nitrile coating to pretence your hands from small cuts, abrasions and splinters.

    These gloves are breathable, comfortable to use and are not only great in the garden but work just as well for cleaning, fishing, or any other hands on job.

    Available in Sizes: S, M, L

    Small – 8.1 cm palm width & 6.6 cm middle finger length
    Medium – 9.1 cm palm width & 7.1 cm middle finger length
    Large – 10 cm palm width & 7.4 cm middle finger length

    Colours: Pale Blue, Yellow & Green

  • Snip It Tool


    A mini secateur with smooth pinching action to deadhead your plants and for cutting herbs.

    Includes a protective cap.

    Multi-use: Deadheading, Light Pruning, Cutting Herbs, Crafts, Sewing.

  • Tomato Cage Plant Support


    This Grow It Tomato Cage Plant Support gives essential support to your tomato plants. It is also perfect for climbing vegetables and fruit as well as flowers.

    • Protects tall stems from excessive leaning or breaking
    • Keeps heavy buds and flowers in an upright position
    • Suitable for beds and containers
    • Push the assembled cage 15cm (6”) into the ground.
    • Made from durable plastic coated steel
    • Assembled Size: H 150cm x W 30cm x D 30cm
  • Vitax House Plant Leaf Shine 200ml


    For Glossy Foliage

    • Instant and long lasting shine
    • No need to polish or dust
    • Brightens the leaves of many house plants
    • Includes Philodendron, Ficus, Monstera, Schefflera and Croton
  • Loop Tie Labels


    Durable white labels for attaching to plant stems.

    Pack of 50

  • Expanding Trellis H180cm x W120cm


    Willow expandable trellis, made from natural willow. 

    Ideal for a variety of long stemmed climbing plants.  A natural looking trellis ideal for both decorative and functional purposes

    Color: natural color
    Material: Willow wood

    Expands up to 180cm x 120cm wide

  • Handy Scoop Green


    Bosmere handy scoop is ideal for all types of garden and household jobs as well as ideal for lifting compost or fertiliser out of large sacks, the scoop can also be used to ensure that you apply a consistent measure. Great for all sorts of jobs Use in the garden for applying fertiliser/compost Use for dry food or cat litter.

    Available in Green

    Length 11.5-inch x Depth 4-inch

  • 5″ (13cm) Plant Labels 50 Pack


    Our Plant labels are very useful when growing food in your garden. Mark up your plants and vegetables as a way of identifying them.

    • Pointed with holes for planting and tagging
    • Made from rot resistant, reusable plastic
    • Mark with pencil or marker pen
  • Plant Support System (Stake, Coupler & Ring)


    The Grow It Plant Support stake (100cm height) is the basis of your new plant support modular system. Simply attach additional rings or couplers depending on the plants you want to support.

    • The pre-attached coupler and ring allows an additional ring (must be purchased) to be moved up and down the stake.
    • The support will grow with your plant
    • A flat top protects your eyes and also assists with hammering the stake into the soil/ground.
    • Made from high quality, rust resistant steel
    • Has a durable vinyl coating for long life
    • Additional couplers can also be added
    • To extend this support, please purchase:
  • Flopro Professional Hose 15m


    Crush-proof hose 15m

    This 15m crush-proof hose is the ultimate garden hose. Ultra-flexible & durable hose for a lifetime of hassle free watering. With 6-layer construction incorporating Tricot™ reinforced ATS mesh, this hose is anti-kink, anti-twist & crush-proof.  Lifetime guarantee.

    • Ultra flexible
    • UV resistant
    • Algae resistant
    • Pressure: up to 36 bar
    • Temperature range: -20/+60 C
    • Length: 15m
    • Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″
  • Round Support Ring 32cm


    The Grow It Round Support Ring is suitable for a variety of both large and small plants. It is ideal in particular for dahlias, daisies and lillies.

    • Interchangeable support ring to help hold your plant in place
    • Use with a variety of different support shapes and sizes, stakes and couplers to create your own bespoke system
    • Made from high quality, rust resistant steel with a durable vinyl coating for long life
    • Please use in addition with:
  • Natural Bamboo Gloves – Navy Medium


    Perfect for medium duty gardening tasks such as pruning, weeding and planting


    • Super soft natural bamboo gloves
    • Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic
    • Elasticated wrist for the perfect fit
    • Highly flexible with good dexterity for intricate tasks

    Product Specification

    • Navy
    • Size: Medium
  • Natural Jute Twine 500g


    Our Natural Jute Twine is the ideal twine for several home and garden tasks. Use to mark out plots and tie back plants to supports. The twine is multipurpose, strong and biodegradable.
    Made from 3 ply jute for extra natural strength
    Draw twine from centre of the spool

  • Flopro Supergrip Waterstop Spray Gun Connector


    This Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – Waterstop stops the flow of water from your hose without needing to turn off your tap. The Water Stop connector has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory like a spray gun is disconnected.
    This saves having to return to the tap to turn the water off when switching between accessories. It also eliminates water wastage. The
    Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – Waterstop also allows a snap fit to all watering brands.


    Extended clench mechanism ensures permanent hose connection

    Snap fit stainless steel internal spring mechanism

    Soft grip

    Ultra tough

    UV resistant

    Made using superior ABS plastics

    Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″

    100% compatible with all watering brands

    Super grip connection

  • Digital Moisture Meter


    Our Digital Moisture Meter’s purpose checks the soil moisture at root level therefore helps to prevent over and under watering. Easy to read with a digital output. Ideal for houseplants and window boxes as well as patio tubs and hanging baskets.


    How to use

    1. Press the Power Button to turn the unit on and off.
    2. At the start of every moisture reading session, use the special enclosed pad to gently wipe the entire probe 2-3 times.
    3. Insert the probe, vertically if possible, into the pot half way between the edge of the container and the plant stem. In potted plants the depth of penetration will be influenced the size of the container; probe deeper in a larger pot, shallower in a smaller one. A good rule of thumb is to probe about½ to ¾ of the way down from the surface. For containers over 12″ in diameter, place the probe closer to the stem (about Y:, of the way from the stem to the edge of the pot).
    4. While pushing the probe into the soil you may note that the meter reading varies as the probe moves downward. This is because the soil moisture conditions are not uniform. Certain types of soil have a tendency to create moisture pockets, which might give you a false high reading in small areas of the soil. We recommend you take at least two readings in order to confirm your findings . (Note: probing aerates the soil, which is good for the plant).
    5. Note your meter reading when the LCD display remains constant for about 4-6 seconds.
    6. Remove the probe from the soil.
    7. Wipe the probe clean with a soft cloth or tissue before taking another reading and when testing is completed.