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  • Original Soft Tie 5m Green


    Soft-Tie’s inner core of galvanised steel wire gives it strength, and the outer coating of UV-stabilised rubber compound cushions and protects plant stems.
    It is long-lasting, does not rot, and can be washed and re-used.
    Easy to secure with just a twist (no need for fiddly knots) and can be easily cut with pliers. The tie may be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate growing stems.

    Also makes the perfect handyman’s accessory!

    Original Soft-tie is available in handy 5m rolls.

    Helpful Haxnicks hint: put a twist between the support and the stem and you have a ready-made spacer to prevent damage from chafing.

    Product size- L5m x D7mm

  • Digital pH Meter


    Our Digital pH Meter determines soil acidity or alkalinity. Plants need the correct pH level which controls how well plants utilise the nutrients in the soil. Ideal to use for vegetables, flowers and fruit as well as landscape plants.


  • Green Jute Twine 500g


    Our Green Jute Twine is the ideal twine for several home and garden tasks. Use to mark out plots and tie back plants to supports. The twine is multipurpose, strong and biodegradable.
    Made from 3 ply jute for extra natural strength
    Draw twine from centre of the spool

  • Flopro YOYO Expanding Club Hose 30m


    The best expanding and retracting hose: Lightweight, innovative, compact and multi-purpose

    Flopro recommends YOYO hose because it is a practical heavy-duty garden expandable hose with a brand-new design by Fitt. Turn on the tap and watch as it fills with water – the hose extends to twice its length. Once the water drains away, it retracts back to its original size.


    • It does not twist, kink or tangle
    • Anti-leak
    • Lightweight
    • Space efficient
    • Practical
    • Flexible
    • Comes with one hand flow control Multi-Jet Spray Gun and all connectors to connect straight to tap – READY TO USE
    • Fits all taps and all brands of watering
    • The only repairable expanding hose on the market today (should one of your connectors or the spray gun falter this can easily be replaced rather than having to dispose of the hose)
    • 5-year guarantee


    • 30m
    • Suitable for Garden, Balcony, Car, Camping & Boats
    • Requires 3 bar of pressure to fully extend
  • Flopro CompactFlo Expandable Hose Set 7.5m-15m


    The Flopro Compact Flo Expandable Hose Set 15m is a lightweight hose, ideal for smaller and urban gardens, patios, camper vans or boats. This compact hose expands to twice it’s length when in use and when not in use it can be stored compactly, either in a shed or on a hose hanger. Our Flopro hosepipes are also compatible with all watering brands.

    Set includes: expandable Hose, Spray Gun Connector, Hose Tap Connector, Outdoor Tap Connector and a watering nozzle

    • Extends up to twice its length when in use (7.5m to 15m)
    • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
    • Compact storage
    • Ready to use
    • Compatible with all watering brands
  • Widger, Dibber & Label Set


    Our Planting & Labelling Set is an ideal accessory for planting and labelling up plants around your garden.
    The essential pack for planting seedlings
    Includes 1 x widger, 1 x dibber, 25 x 5″ labels and marker pencil
    Made from rot resistant, reusable plastic.

  • Flopro Round Tap Connector


    Use this Flopro Indoor Round Tap Connector to connect a hosepipe to both round and oval spout taps, with a maximum diameter of 20mm.  Additionally, the fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the stainless steel clip, which ensures no leaks. It allows a snap-fit to all watering brands  Made from premium grade plastic.

  • Flopro Pots & Container Watering Kit


    Irrigation made simple – Waters up to 16 pots and containers.


    • Convenient
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Quick and easy set up
    • Saves up to 70% water compared to hand watering
    • No scissors or tools required
    • Precise watering direct to the root
    • Perfect for busy life, great for use with a timer – water while you’re away


    • Waters up to 16 pots and containers
    • Flow of water 1.3 litres per hour
    • Universal fit with any water timer for fully automatic watering
    • Modular design allows two kits to be joined together to create a larger system
    • Can be used for watering from a water butt (minimum outlet height 35cm)
    • Ideal for balcony, patio and hanging baskets
    • Simply insert the spike drippers directly into the soil for precise watering to the root of the plant
    • Perfect companion to the Flopro Mechanical Timer
  • Green Blade Curved Pruning Scissors


    These scissors are manufactured with shard stainless steel pointed blades with a coated design. Handle for easy use. They are ideal for trimming and pruning plants, herbs and flowers. Colour: Green.

  • Coco Pole size 3 ( dia 4.5 x90cm)


    Plant stake of 4.5 by 90cm brown

  • KS Small Topiary Shears


    Kent & Stowe precision cutting Small Topiary Shears are ideal for gardeners with smaller hands. They feature smooth carbon steel blades for fast and fine cutting, trimming and also the shaping of topiary. Come with a 5 year guarantee.
    Smooth carbon steel blades for fast and fine cutting, trimming and shaping
    Designed for efficient single handed use.
    Non-slip handles
    These smaller-bladed shears are suitable for gardeners with smaller hands as well as those facing smaller tasks
    Cutting diameter: 4mm

  • Flopro Plus Hose 15m


    This Flopro Hosepipe is durable and remains ultra-flexible in use. Yet it will outlive a standard hoses by many years. With 4 layers it is more resistant to twists and kinks, while still remaining supple. It is reinforced with anti-twist technology and guaranteed for 20 years.
    Use this hosepipe on its own or wind onto a hose reel for easy storage. This hosepipe is available in 15m.

    • Ultra flexible
    • UV resistant
    • Algae resistant
    • Pressure: up to 30 bar
    • Temperature range: -20/+60°C
    • Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″
  • Kingfisher Wooden Handle Shears


    Small Lawn edging

  • Kingfisher Ladies Working Gloves


    Green Polka dot Lightweight gloves

  • Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler


    Our Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler is a high performance sled base sprinkler to lay flat on the ground. The rectangle shape of this sprinkler means it is ideal for watering rectangle shape lawns.
    There are 18 jets which give a maximum area coverage of 143m².

    Perfect for watering lawns as well as established plants. The sprinkler allows a snap-fit therefore suitable for all watering brands. Additionally, it features adjustable water direction and range.

    • Sprinkler Features
    • Smooth regulation of water
    • Water usage for 2 bar – 12 litres per hour
    • Nozzle cleaning tool included
    • Made from premium grade plastic and aluminium
    • UV protected
    • Diameter: 11m x 13m
    • Water covers a maximum rectangular area surface of (11m x 13m) – 143m²
    • 100% compatible with all watering brands
  • Kingfisher Indoor Sprayer Bottle 1L


    Complete with liner. Ideal for use all around the garden.