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  • Bottle Cap Watering Sprinkler 28mm x3


    Set of 3 Bottle Cap Sprinkler PVC Plastic Watering 28mm

  • Flopro Professional Hose 15m


    Crush-proof hose 15m

    This 15m crush-proof hose is the ultimate garden hose. Ultra-flexible & durable hose for a lifetime of hassle free watering. With 6-layer construction incorporating Tricot™ reinforced ATS mesh, this hose is anti-kink, anti-twist & crush-proof.  Lifetime guarantee.

    • Ultra flexible
    • UV resistant
    • Algae resistant
    • Pressure: up to 36 bar
    • Temperature range: -20/+60 C
    • Length: 15m
    • Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″
  • Flopro Supergrip Waterstop Spray Gun Connector


    This Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – Waterstop stops the flow of water from your hose without needing to turn off your tap. The Water Stop connector has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory like a spray gun is disconnected.
    This saves having to return to the tap to turn the water off when switching between accessories. It also eliminates water wastage. The
    Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – Waterstop also allows a snap fit to all watering brands.


    Extended clench mechanism ensures permanent hose connection

    Snap fit stainless steel internal spring mechanism

    Soft grip

    Ultra tough

    UV resistant

    Made using superior ABS plastics

    Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″

    100% compatible with all watering brands

    Super grip connection

  • Digital Moisture Meter


    Our Digital Moisture Meter’s purpose checks the soil moisture at root level therefore helps to prevent over and under watering. Easy to read with a digital output. Ideal for houseplants and window boxes as well as patio tubs and hanging baskets.


    How to use

    1. Press the Power Button to turn the unit on and off.
    2. At the start of every moisture reading session, use the special enclosed pad to gently wipe the entire probe 2-3 times.
    3. Insert the probe, vertically if possible, into the pot half way between the edge of the container and the plant stem. In potted plants the depth of penetration will be influenced the size of the container; probe deeper in a larger pot, shallower in a smaller one. A good rule of thumb is to probe about½ to ¾ of the way down from the surface. For containers over 12″ in diameter, place the probe closer to the stem (about Y:, of the way from the stem to the edge of the pot).
    4. While pushing the probe into the soil you may note that the meter reading varies as the probe moves downward. This is because the soil moisture conditions are not uniform. Certain types of soil have a tendency to create moisture pockets, which might give you a false high reading in small areas of the soil. We recommend you take at least two readings in order to confirm your findings . (Note: probing aerates the soil, which is good for the plant).
    5. Note your meter reading when the LCD display remains constant for about 4-6 seconds.
    6. Remove the probe from the soil.
    7. Wipe the probe clean with a soft cloth or tissue before taking another reading and when testing is completed.

  • Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit


    Along with a hose, the Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit is everything you need to start watering. The set includes all the connectors required to water. The water-stop connector prevents leaks when changing attachments. It also includes a robust variable spray nozzle. The connectors have an extended clench mechanism that ensures permanent hose connection, so this set gives high-quality performance that will last for years. Made from superior ABS plastics. UV resistant. 100% compatible with all watering brands
    This set includes:

    • Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector. Fits taps with diameter of 1″ (25mm) with 3/4″ (19mm) & 1/2″ (12.5mm).
    • Flopro Supergrip Hose Tap Connector
    • Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – waterstop
    • Adjustable Nozzle
  • Water Gel – Water Storing Crystals 250g Pouch


    Our Watergel works by the crystals absorbing several hundred times their own weight of water. One application will last all season. This reduces watering by up to four times.

    • Releases water to plants and flowers when needed
    • Ideal for baskets and containers
    • Improves plant health and flower production

    How to use

    Mix well with compost before planting using 5g (one scoop) per 5 litres of compost.
    Water well and leave to soak for 1-2 hours before planting.
    For dry soils, scatter 50g per square metre and rake in.
    For cuttings and cut flowers use 15g per 500ml of water and mix well.
    One application lasts all season.

  • Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector


    This Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector is universal which means it is suitable for fitting garden hose to all outdoor taps. The connector has three fitting sizes so you can easily find the right size to suit your tap.
    Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector securely attaches to an outdoor tap while also allowing a snap fit to all hose connectors from all watering brands.


    Ultra tough

    Made using superior ABS plastics

    UV resistant

    Fits taps with a diameter of 1″ (33.3mm), 3/4″ (26.5mm) and 1/2″ (21mm)

    100% compatible with all watering brands

  • Flopro Mechanical Timer


    Use this Flopro Mechanical Timer for automatic watering of your garden. It is ideal for adding to irrigation systems or simply to sprinklers to water your lawn. You can pre-set up to 120 minutes in 15 minute increments. The connectors allow a snap-fit to all watering brands.


    • Manual over ride for convenience
    • No batteries required
    • Made from premium grade plastic
    • Diameter: 25mm (1″) with 19mm (3/4″) & 12.5mm (1/2″) inserts
    • 100% compatible with all watering brands
    • Perfect companion to the Flopro Pots & Container Watering Kit

    universal fitting icon snap fit icon anti leak icon

  • Flopro YOYO Expanding Club Hose 30m


    The best expanding and retracting hose: Lightweight, innovative, compact and multi-purpose

    Flopro recommends YOYO hose because it is a practical heavy-duty garden expandable hose with a brand-new design by Fitt. Turn on the tap and watch as it fills with water – the hose extends to twice its length. Once the water drains away, it retracts back to its original size.


    • It does not twist, kink or tangle
    • Anti-leak
    • Lightweight
    • Space efficient
    • Practical
    • Flexible
    • Comes with one hand flow control Multi-Jet Spray Gun and all connectors to connect straight to tap – READY TO USE
    • Fits all taps and all brands of watering
    • The only repairable expanding hose on the market today (should one of your connectors or the spray gun falter this can easily be replaced rather than having to dispose of the hose)
    • 5-year guarantee


    • 30m
    • Suitable for Garden, Balcony, Car, Camping & Boats
    • Requires 3 bar of pressure to fully extend
  • Flopro + Double Male Connector


    For easy connection & separation of 2 hoses, when used with hose connector

    Join 2 hoses together with this hose connector. Double male-to-male adaptor ensures two sections of garden hosepipe can meet and extend without leaking.

    This fitting lets you extend the length of your hose, allowing two lengths of hose equipped with female connectors to be joined to create a longer hose. The connector allows a snap fit to all watering brands

    Hose connector features

    • Ultra tough
    • Made using superior plastics

    Hose connector specification

    • Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″
  • Flopro + Hydra Spray Gun


    Spray gun with 4 spray patterns – stylish and easy to use

    The Hydra Spray Gun has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable to use and above all; effective for all your gardening and cleaning tasks.

    The spray gun’s stylish design incorporates the Flopro+ trademark hanging hook, ensuring this range has been designed with ease of use in mind. The spray gun allows a snap fit to all watering brands.

    Spray gun features

    • Water flow is fully adjustable with one hand
    • 4 spray patterns
    • Ergonomic styling providing a comfort grip handle and handy hanging hook
    • Ultra tough materials protect the gun against damage

    Spray gun specification

    • Diameter: 12.5mm (1/2″)
  • Flopro MultiFlo 360° Sprinkler


    With our Flopro Multiflo 360° Sprinkler you will not waste another drop of water. It’s unique 2 system combination makes precise watering simple.

    The Multiflo sprinkler has various alterations to target different watering area and distance. Moving the head up for the furthest spray arch and down for a shorter spray arch. Additionally, it features setting rings which you can move to increase or decrease watering area.

    Flopro Multiflo comes with 4 spray settings. From a gentle waterflow to a more powerful flow depending on what you require to water in your garden.

    Furthermore, we guarantee the Flopro Multiflo Sprinkler will fit your current watering system.
    Sprinkler Features:

    • 4 spray patterns with variable water angles
    • Part of a modular system that can be extended with more sprinklers
    • Durable ground spike for use in lawns and borders
    • Made from premium grade plastic
    • Water covers a maximum circular area surface of (17m) – 227m²
    • 100% compatible with all watering brands
  • Flopro Round Tap Connector


    Use this Flopro Indoor Round Tap Connector to connect a hosepipe to both round and oval spout taps, with a maximum diameter of 20mm.  Additionally, the fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the stainless steel clip, which ensures no leaks. It allows a snap-fit to all watering brands  Made from premium grade plastic.

  • Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler


    Our Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler is a high performance sled base sprinkler to lay flat on the ground. The rectangle shape of this sprinkler means it is ideal for watering rectangle shape lawns.
    There are 18 jets which give a maximum area coverage of 143m².

    Perfect for watering lawns as well as established plants. The sprinkler allows a snap-fit therefore suitable for all watering brands. Additionally, it features adjustable water direction and range.

    • Sprinkler Features
    • Smooth regulation of water
    • Water usage for 2 bar – 12 litres per hour
    • Nozzle cleaning tool included
    • Made from premium grade plastic and aluminium
    • UV protected
    • Diameter: 11m x 13m
    • Water covers a maximum rectangular area surface of (11m x 13m) – 143m²
    • 100% compatible with all watering brands
  • Flopro Plus Hose 15m


    This Flopro Hosepipe is durable and remains ultra-flexible in use. Yet it will outlive a standard hoses by many years. With 4 layers it is more resistant to twists and kinks, while still remaining supple. It is reinforced with anti-twist technology and guaranteed for 20 years.
    Use this hosepipe on its own or wind onto a hose reel for easy storage. This hosepipe is available in 15m.

    • Ultra flexible
    • UV resistant
    • Algae resistant
    • Pressure: up to 30 bar
    • Temperature range: -20/+60°C
    • Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2″
  • Flopro CompactFlo Expandable Hose Set 7.5m-15m


    The Flopro Compact Flo Expandable Hose Set 15m is a lightweight hose, ideal for smaller and urban gardens, patios, camper vans or boats. This compact hose expands to twice it’s length when in use and when not in use it can be stored compactly, either in a shed or on a hose hanger. Our Flopro hosepipes are also compatible with all watering brands.

    Set includes: expandable Hose, Spray Gun Connector, Hose Tap Connector, Outdoor Tap Connector and a watering nozzle

    • Extends up to twice its length when in use (7.5m to 15m)
    • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
    • Compact storage
    • Ready to use
    • Compatible with all watering brands