12″ Hanging Basket with Aquasav Smart Coco Liner


12 inch hanging basket with Aquasav smart coco liner.

  • hanging basket with hanging chain and coco liner
  • Uses less water than other coco baskets
  • Retains nutrients
  • Promotes healthy root growth
  • Built in water tray reduces watering.
  • Excess water flows out.
  • Soil stay moist!

Buy a hanging basket bracket to complete the look!

AquaSav™ liners have a water-retaining layer sandwiched between natural coir fiber. Plants require 50% less watering compared with other fiber baskets in which soil dries out quickly and the water you apply runs right through. AquaSav™ liners not only reduce your watering chores, they’re also lifesavers for flowers exposed to both sun and wind.

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