Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps 20 Pack


  • Non-toxic, harmless, no residue, high temperature resistance and waterproof, more environmentally friendly and more economical.
  • Bright yellow is attractive to most insects.
  • The UV-resistant adhesive does not dry. It can be used in any crop of any season and has a strong self-adhesiveness.
  • For best performance, we recommend an using density of 1 pcs/200 square feet or 200pcs/1 acre.

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Size: 20 PACK Features: Double-sided long-lasting adhesive traps the insects more effectively. They are the great helpers for houseplants, flowers, vegetables, greenhouse, small farm and back yard garden. Yellow is the favorite color of common pests like aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, thrips, whiteflies, black flies, fruit flies, midges and so on, with yellow sticky trap, pests are attracted to it. How to use Step1: Remove the protective cover paper from the traps; Step2: For trees or other large plants: Use the included wires to hang the yellow sticky traps on the branches; For small plants: Place the yellow sticky board tightly on a stick (not included), and insert it into the underground. How long do the traps last The trap will stay sticky and attractive for two to three months. You should change them sooner if more than half of the surface is covered in insects or dust. Note If you touch the adhesive accidentally, wash your hands with some vegetable oil or waterless hand cleaner.

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