Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed, Feed & Coir


  • Easy-to-use, one step solution to repair patches on lawn
  • Guaranteed to grow anywhere, even on slopes as it contains a binder which helps to keep the seed from washing away
  • Distinct formula containing coir which absorbs up to 6x its own weight in water surrounding the seed in a protective layer
  • Grows 2x thicker than ordinary grass seed, with half the water
  • Enhanced quality seed, free from agricultural grasses

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Miracle-Gro Patch Magic offers a convenient, easy to use, one step solution to bare or thin patches in your grass. Made up of a superior quality mix of grass seed (free from agricultural grasses), coir growing substrate and Miracle-Gro fertiliser, grass is guaranteed to grow anywhere, even on concrete, and grows 50 per cent thicker with 50 per cent less watering. The quality, super-absorbent growing material acts like topsoil and changes colour to indicate when more watering is required.

Made in the UK.

1.015 kg of Miracle-Gro patch magic to reseed up to 13 patches (based on a 45 cm diameter)


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