Johnsons Salad Leaves Collection


Ideal for baby leaves and quick and easy ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves. Use them to create individual salad mixes.

  • American Land Cress – quick and easy alternative to watercress. (Approx 500 seeds)
  • Coriander Cilantro – bred for large succulent leaves, it is slow to grow from seed. (Approx 85 seeds)
  • Lettuce Salad Bowl Red and Green – Attractive cut and curled ‘oak leaf’ shaped leaves. (Approx 500 seeds)
  • Mustard Red Giant – tangy, spicy leaves shaded red. Larger leaves are hotter. (Approx 350 seeds)
  • Rocket – attractive leaves with a distinctive peppery flavour. (Approx 500 seeds)
  • Spinach Lazio F1 – baby leaves add good flavour and texture. (Approx 150 seeds)

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