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Plant Chocolate Organic Compost 25kg

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25 kg Plant Chocolate by Salmar’s Garden

*Organic Compost Made in Nigeria*

Perfect for seed starting, soil amendment, slow release fertiliser and mulching.

The perfect way to feed the soil and your plants!  More details in the description below.


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Plant chocolate also known as *Salmar’s Garden Plant Chocolate* is made under a closely monitored process.

It’s materials are made up of 80% of farm waste from Salmar’s Garden, and the remaining 20% is sustainably sourced outside the farm.

One of the key ingredients in our compost is called BIOCHAR, which is the result of pyrolysis of rice hulls.

Biochar was used over 2000 years ago in the amazon basin. It was found that the parts where this material was used, the soil remained ‘eternally’ fertile.


It has a large surface area with numerous pore spaces which helps to absorb nutrients and moisture and keeps them locked into the soil.

It is also known to have anti-fungal properties.

It’s use in compost is to trap nitrogen and keep it in the pile rather than it being leached out into the atmosphere. This in turn increases the nitrogen content of the compost.

Plant chocolate acts as a soil amendment, a slow release fertiliser and may also be used as a seed starter.

Plant chocolate is sieved to filter out unwanted particles thereby ensuring ease of use for the end user.

We call our compost ‘Plant Chocolate’ because your soil, the teeming life in it, and your plants will take to it like humans take to fine, good quality chocolate.


Seed Starting: Use as is to start seeds.
Pots: Mix as needed with regular soil (or coco coir/peat) with added sharp sand (or perlite).
In Ground: Mulch around the base of existing plants or add to the planting hole when transplanting.

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3 reviews for Plant Chocolate Organic Compost 25kg

  1. Abari Olamitoyosi (verified owner)

    The compost is superb

  2. Ladymarkid

    I think it’s the best I have used so far too, but it’s ever unavailable. Trying out Grow moor

  3. labakebodematt (verified owner)

    This is possibly the best compost ever! Salmar’s plant chocolate is must have in the garden.

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