30mm Wide Grafting Tape (120 Metres)


Grafting Tape Moisture Barrier Stretchable Clear Floristry Film

  • Polyethylene, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and harmless to plants.
  • Waterproof, transparent and self-adhesive with gentle stretch. Used for budding and grafting plants, easy and quick to interface healing.
  • Important for budding and grafting, suitable for citrus, stone fruits etc.

Material: PE Film
Width: about 30mm (1.18”);
Length: about 120 meters (393 ft)

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Quality PE film, environmentally friendly, waterproof, flexible and stretchy. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly plastic materials that improves graft survival. Stretchy: has high tensile strength. This means that you can leave it on the tree without removing it or damaging your tree.  Stretches with plant growth and increases survival rate. Keep the plants completely absorbing sunlight, good for quick healing. Can be used perfectly for grafting plants by wrapping the branch of one plant on another plant so that they can grow as one plant. No damage to the graft part of the plant. Suitable for budding and finishing, suitable for pecans, walnuts, citrus fruits, ideal for avocado, stone, fruit etc. Very durable, will not break easily, waterproof. Provides an airtight seal to prevent bacteria or other diseases from entering the grafting zone. Biodegradable and lets gases pass.

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