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Savvy gardens is a horticultural enterprise that seeks to create a sophisticated garden experience for every home in Nigeria. Our mission is to shape the lifestyle of Nigerians positively with thoughtfully designed gardens that provide both edible and non-edible horticulture. Our mission is anchored on three propositions: Nature (flowers and ornamental plants), Nests (garden furniture and ornaments) and Nutrition (herbs and vegetables). We deliver all these either individually or as a holistic, comprehensive range of products and service.

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  • Chinese Lucky Bamboo Plant


    Lucky Bamboo’s a fascinating houseplant that grows in water. Lucky Bamboo isn’t a bamboo. The canes, stalks, or stems (whatever you prefer to call them) resemble the canes of a bamboo plant and that’s the origin of “bamboo” in its common name. It’s a dracaena, Dracaena sanderiana or D. braunii to be exact. This is a plant that goes both ways: it grows for the long haul in both water and/or soil.

  • Mr Garnick Flower Bloom fertilizer 400g


    Major Ingredients: Plant meal, mineral rocks, humic & fulvic acid, good microbes attractant. ✨Maximized flower bloom ✨Fortified with natural mineral ✨Target Area : Blooming Flower Precautions: Avoid being eating If white mould is found on fertilizer, please note that it is a type of activated beneficial microbe and is safe to use Usage Instruction: Mix with soil before planting or use as fertilizer throughout planting process Small tips for fertilizing: 1 Fertilizing your plants once a week one handful 2 Before fertilizing, loosening the soil by cultivator, digging a hole sprinkle with fertilizer, then cover with soil. The nutrients can be absorbed by plants faster.

  • Mr Garnick Dr Neem 1ltr


    BABA Mr Ganick Dr Neem is an organic insecticide with an antifeedant and repellent effect for common garden pests. Mode of Action
    The active ingredient inhibits sensory receptors of mouthparts, resulting in the disorientation of foraging and intake of food by insects and mites.
    Strong repellent and deterrent effects will prevent insects and mites from colonizing the treated plants.
    Inhibits normal growth and development of insects and mites.
    Targets: Stem borer, Leaf borer, Plutella, Grasshopper and Pumpkin beetle.
    General Usage Instruction
    General preventative measures: Mix 5ml of Dr Neem with 1 liter of water.
    Serious pest outbreak: Mix 8ml of Dr Neem with 1 liter of water.
    Spray on foliar and soil near the crop roots for extensive prevention. DO NOT apply during hot weather. Spray the mixture within 8 hours. For better efficacy, it is recommended to spray 5 times and above continuously within every 7 to 10 days.
    Active Ingredient: Cold-pressed neem oil – 85%

  • Mr Garnick Melon Fertiliser 400g


    For Melon, Fruits Vegetables & Flower Vegetables. Major ingredients : Plant residue meal, animal meal, fully-fermented compost, organic rock mineral , humic & fulvic acid, Good microbes attractant. If white mold is found on fertilizer, please note that it is a type of activated beneficial microbe and is safe to use. Usage instruction : Mix with soil before planting or use as fertilizer throughout planting process.

  • Italian Dino Kale


    Lacinato Kale is an Italian heirloom that is one of the most productive crops you can grow. Produces delicious, long, and slender leaves year-round. It 65 days to maturity.

  • TRIO Bermuda Grass


    Superior seed coat quality, less dust irritation for users, more uniform germination, anti – pest and anti – disease, grow in 1-2 weeks.

  • Baja Serbajadi Cactus Plant Food


    Concentrated liquid fertiliser for inducing growth in cactus plants. A specially formulated chelated blend of trace elements designed to promote healthy and rapid growth in all cactus.

  • Baja Serbajadi Bonsai Plant Food


    Baja Serbajadi Slow Release Bonsai Fertiliser 29 is specially developed for all species of cultivated bonsai. This special formulation limits the vegetative development of branches of bonsai plants but at the same time, improves roots development, which is often particularly reduces due to repeated purning.

  • AG Garden Fertirich


    Ferti Rich – A Control Release Fertilizer One time 90-100 days for garden use! Improve soil quality, increase nutrients uptake! Ferti Rich is a slow release fertilizer for flowers, crops and fruit trees. Proven results to perform better and save more cost compared to traditional fertilizers. Application: Flowers and crops : 20gm-40gm per plant. Fruit Trees : 30gm-50gm per plant. Apply once in 90 days.

  • Soon Huat Red Okra


    Estimate: 100 seeds Maturity: 100 days from sowing Plant will grow very tall and is very easy to care for. Flowers are frequently used to DIY Ribena at home. Cook flowers in boiling water and add sugar to desired taste. Best served chilled during hot weather.

  • Serbajadi Sweet Corn Bicolour F1


    Bicolor corn is the best of both worlds together. A mix of both white and yellow kernels on one cob. Probably the most popular corn variety for home growers and small farmers.

  • SEEDIY Malabar Green Stem


    A vigorous vine with edible greens; young tender leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Best grown on trellis, though is also attractive when grown along the ground. This type of malabar spinach has large fleshy leaves and thick stems, in contrast to the red malabar spinach. Highly disease resistant. Germination:14-21 days.

  • SEEDIY Corn Super Sweet


    Long uniform cylindrical cobs, very good plant vigorous, golden yellow kernels. High yielding variety. Germination rate is 80% – 90%. Planting corn seeds indoors is not recommended. It’s best to start them directly in the garden so that their roots aren’t disturbed due to transplanting.

  • SEEDIY Cabbage Tropical


    Plants are vigorous, have good foliage cover, and outside Coloration is medium green. The head is flat round in shape, reaching a weight of approximately 3-4 kilograms.Maturity: Approximately 70 – 80 days from transplanting

  • SEEDIY Malabar Red Stem


    Large, mild-flavored green leaves look terrific climbing up a bean tower or fence .The thick, dark green leaves of this edible ornamental provide tasty greens throughout the summer, when traditional spinach will not grow. The mild flavor makes Red Stem equally good cooked or fresh, and is more palatable to children than the peppery cool-season varieties. Heat-loving and vigorous, these attractive plants reach 6 feet or more if trained on a bean tower, trellis, lamppost, or any vertical structure with some porousness for twining. Many people grow Red Stem for purely ornamental purposes, but there’s a lot of good eating on this productive plant!

  • SEEDIY Corn Sweet Purple


    Corn Sweet Purple F1 is a high yielding bi-color (purple and white) waxy sweet variety with strong root system that minimizes lodging. It has good resistance to northern corn leaf blight. It has excellent eating quality (tender and sweet) with contain Antioxidants that may fight cancer. Maturity (days): 65-68 Plant vigor: Strong