Welcome to LGC!

Our belief is that space was created to be beautiful, inspiring and refreshing, and we have come to find that the only way to achieve that is to cultivate life and then bask in it.

When we look at Lagos, we see a wonderful opportunity to share this philosophy, even as we ourselves explore and uncover the joys of gardening every day. LGC has, therefore, been designed to breed a community of plant growers, lovers and enthusiasts alike in an environment of sharing and learning.

“Our belief is that space was created to be beautiful, inspiring and refreshing…”

We want every person to know the taste of fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden; the smile that fresh flowers inspire; how a potted plant with just enough intrigue can immediately change the personality of a room; how a nice barbeque with friends surrounded by a flourishing garden can create timeless memories; and of course, how relaxing tending the earth can be for mind, body and soul.

“Lagos is our home, and we must tend it”

At LGC, our mission – and we have chosen to accept it – is to build a community of people who will work together to tend the earth, preserve the environment, and restore Lagos to its lush, green & temperate state. Growing up, the vision of Lagos was one of vibrant colours and beautiful landscapes. Many homes boasted wide, manicured lawns that inspired fun, laughter and togetherness for families and friends.

As time passed, these were replaced with concrete pavements, urban development, and of course, overpopulation. Today, temperatures are at an all-time high, floods swell with each torrent of rain, and the citizenry grows more frustrated. In these, one thing remains: the inherent need for nature’s free gifts.

We are, therefore, set up to ignite a passion for the beautification and restoration of our slowly dying environment. Together, we can create spaces where we can enjoy the outdoors without spending a small fortune; we can gather our families together and have picnics at zero cost; we can have direct access to all the fruits & vegetables we could ever want right in our homes; we can have actual flower wreaths on our heads and take the most beautiful pictures.

This is what LGC offers. Through the hustle and bustle of activity that we go through every day, everyone needs a resting place. Studies have shown that gardening eases stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities. By simply engaging in the “involuntary attention,” that we use to enjoy nature, we can replenish ourselves easily and quickly.

In addition, gardening:

  • is a natural mood enhancer;
  • provides a form of exercise that you’ll have no problem keeping up with;
  • will help you on your journey to healthy eating with tastier fruits and veggies at minimal cost and;
  • gives you something fun and exciting to do that you can document for the world to see.

So what next?
So, you see, there are only upsides to this! The only thing left to do is to start your journey with the Lagos Garden Community.

“Studies have shown that gardening eases stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities.”

Simply follow us on Instagram: @lgc.ng and on twitter: @lgc_ng, get all the plant lovers you know to do the same, and join the conversation. We’ll be kicking into gear immediately with tips and tricks for both beginners and veterans, and we encourage you all to share your journey with us even as we share ours with you.

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