Why I love Gardening

A few LGC Customers decided to share why they love gardening. Be Inspired!

Gardening is my number one hobby. I find it relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding. I grew up with my parents and grandparents having a home garden. Gardening is my escape room, if I need some time alone to think, or talk to God, I go out and busy myself with my plants. My garden provides me with fresh vegetables and herbs so I do not need to buy them as the ones I usually buy do not have a long shelf life. It is a great way for me to sneak vegetables into almost every meal especially with lettuce, kale, collards and greens.

I have grown a number of vegetables and herbs with some degree of success but the one I love the most is Basil. Basil is full of flavour and a versatile herb. I use it in a lot of dishes, especially Italian. My children love it in pesto, pizza, soups and stews. It is also great for seasoning meat like lamb.

I have three species of Basil in my garden and I am hoping to add more. I hope the name classifications are correct.

I love plants and am passionate about ‘greening’ the urban areas. I have always been drawn to nature. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

I run a garden and provide landscaping and horticultural services in Abuja. (Predominantly Green Gardens, Abuja)

My favourite plants are cacti and foliage of all types. It’s amazing how diverse leaves are with different shapes, designs and multiple shades of green.


I love gardening because it’s refreshing, rewarding and above all, actually therapeutic. I love Sweet Alyssum (even as difficult as it is to grow around here.)


Gardening is a form of exercise and gives me inner peace, and there is this joy you can not explain when your seeds germinate and they are growing well. I love growing different kinds of pepper.

Gardening makes me happy. Hibiscus in all shapes and sizes are my favourite. Most recent cluster of blooms (March 2021).


I love gardening because it is therapeutic.

My little garden is my happy place.

The whole process of tilling, planting, caring and watching my plants grow is fulfilling.

One of my favourite plants is curly kale. The first one I ate was the one I planted. I love it because its very tasty, packed full with nutrients and can be used in different ways.

 I love gardening as it gives me the opportunity to eat fresh veggies, keep myself busy in the evening, acts as a therapy to learn patience especially when I plant from seeds while I wait for germination. It also provides me with a green scenery with cool air around.

The Sansevieria well known as the snake plant is my best plant. Easy to propagate and maintain as well, perfect for indoors. Its property to emit oxygen endeared me to learn more about planting the different types I find around.


I love gardening because is therapeutic to me, I learn a lot of life applicable lessons from my plants and it also gives me access to fresh healthy vegetables.

My favourite crop at the moment is kale, I love the taste plus it’s highly nutritious, I plan on growing 5 varieties of it, though I have 3 varieties growing already, it’s the power of love i guess ๐Ÿ˜….

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