Win the war on weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants growing in wanted places like in floor cracks, with your potted plants, on your farmland or garden. Our greatest worry is damaging wanted plants while getting rid of weeds.

Find out 5 ways to win the war on weeds below:


To avoid damaging the stems of other plants, cut off the bottom and top of a plastic bottle. The size of the bottle depends on the size of your potted plant. Make a slit on the entire length of the bottle to allow you wrap the bottle around the plant. Pluck off the weed surrounding the plant, slip off the bottle when done. You could keep the bottle for later use.


Do not water immediately after weeding your garden. Allow the sun to scorch out the weeds first before watering to prevent  them coming back to life on a freshly watered soil in your garden.


Water the soil before weeding to make it easier. You could water yourself or wait for a good rain. It would be less stressful to pull out weeds from the damp soil.


Poison weeds while they are growing. Herbicides work best when the weeds are putting out a new growth. Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, stick the bottle over a weed, apply the herbicide through the mouth of the plastic bottle with the sprayer nozzle. This way desirable plants would not be caught in the crossfire.


Choke out weeds by pouring boiling water on those growing in the cracks of a cement or interlocking sidewalks in your garden. It will kill the weed and the seeds waiting to germinate.

 More importantly, do not let weeds drain your gardening joy. Try to accept weeds. They are ubiquitous and your garden  will always have them. Accept the few you can and get rid of the most you can.

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